What's Behind Jessica Removal From SNSD?


SNSD is a well known South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment, debuted on 2007. They have a great success around the world and being known as the greatest Girl Group that create huge Kwave all over and pave a way to other idols to be known worldwide too.

Sadly, there's tragedy that will never once forgotten in Korea Entertainment Industry as On September 29, 2014, member Jessica , who's the longest trainee in SM before become a member in SNSD being kicked out from the group. There's not so much explaination regarding this sad and heartbroken tragedy.

The remaining eight members proceeded with the group's activities, holding The Best Live concert at Tokyo Dome on December 9, 2014. True fan will knows that it is Jessica greatest dreams to perform there with other members. It didn't happened because of her own members kicked her out. Who she thought as her sisters, family. Strong bond that will never broken. 

Its true, what's hurt us the most is not outsider. Its the one who close to our heart.

What's added for heartbroken after being kicked out is, there's a lot of hates towards Jessica, that make it looks like she's the one who cause this problems. She's alone, fighting all the HATES she received that's come from fans who once claimed to love her as SNSD members. Not even one members is on her side. Thankfully, she have her own sister, Krystal. But, its still hard to show all the feelings that tear her apart to her own lil sister. She's play the older sister role. She Had to be strong. 



No one can tell how hurtful Jessica's heart is through all this incident. It is indeed, the most sadness chapter in her life until now.

However, truth will come to surface one day.

God will send HIS help to those who is KIND.


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