I take my Coffee Black (Hold the Cream, and just give Me some Sugar)

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Coffee. A simple order of coffee was the reason why Oh Sehun met his perfect other half. Xi Luhan.

Oh, and one Park Chanyeol.

But he doesn't need to know that, now does he?


Sehun's stuck in place. His eyes are fixated upon the beautiful creature standing before him, working diligantly behind the coffee bar. An ethereal being. A temptress among mere mortals like himself.

The pretty-pretty little thing is mess of emotions as he works. His golden blond hair is in an array of soft fluffiness on top of his pretty little head. His gorgeous brown orbs are focused upon his task at hand. His exquisite lush pink mouth is pursed in a hard line as he absorbs the finest details of his work.

The creature is the epitome of perfection. And Sehun craved it. Wanted to bask in his glory. Completely worship the creature at an altar he would make just for him.

He needed him to be his own. Now. Right the heck now.

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