The Accidental Matchmaker {hiatus}

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All Min Yoon Gi ever really wanted was to be a normal human being,

and fall in love with the person that he could call his very own...


He was never meant to be any one's matchmaker,

but the gift that he was unluckily born with had other things to say about that,

and his future romantic prospects...


Matchmaker is someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others and Matchmaking is mediation in order to bring about a marriage between others.

For as long as Min Yoon Gi has known it, he had always been a very lucky baby. Well, lucky for other people. It all started out that way ever since the day- I mean the night of his actual conception.

Even inside of his mother's womb as a small speck of nothing, he has brought people who were destined for each other together without his mother's knowledge at first. Or at least that was what his mother had told him when he was still very young.

Although, he woefully realized once he had entered high school that there was no one meant for people born with a gift such as his own...

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