VI. SeulJoyRi

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The trio have been long suspicious of Joohyun and Seungwan. They tried. Each one of them honestly tried to get the two to admit their feelings to each other but as per Joy's words, "Those two are hopeless."


What kind of best friends will cuddle each other intimately, hold their hands as if it's their own lifeline, drop everything for the other anytime or get whiny when they don't get to talk to each other even for just a day? 


It could also not be denied that Joohyun and Seungwan were both famous in the university. The older was the president of the debate club, which she led to championship for two consecutive years, while Seungwan was part of the theater club, who almost always got the lead roles because of her impeccable singing. 


Of course, this popularity brought a lot of love confessions (some were dramatic) to the two from other people here and there and the trio were really confused before as to why no one ever triumphed to woo any of the two... was only until one time when the satanic duo, Joy and Yeri (dubbed by their selves, of course), accidentally witnessed Joohyun getting a love confession from the university's most famous cheerleader along the hallway, outside the debate club room.


"Joohyun unnie, I hope you can take a chance on me and I will take care of you. I'm just asking for one date with me, please." Jennie said to the older while holding out a pretty bouquet of flower. 


To Joy and Yeri's defense, they were supposed to check-in on Joohyun because they couldn't contact the older and they were supposed to meet 15 minutes ago. 


It seemed like their unnie got herself held up... by someone.    


The duo quickly took few steps back and hid behind a wall when they saw the two women conversing. 


"I'm sorry, Jennie-ssi. I know you are nice and very beautiful but I can't accept this."


That reply greatly piqued the duo's interest. In no time, two heads were already floating by the corner, trying to see what was happening on the hallway.


"Are you seeing someone already?"


There was a long pause. The duo was confused for a moment before they heard their unnie's soft voice. "Nope. I am not seeing anyone."


"Then why? I'm asking you out for just one date. If you don't feel anything for me then that's it." Jennie replied. "We can just call it a friendly hang-out after that."


"I"m sorry. I just-- I don't want to complicate things and lead you on."


The cheerleader's eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean by complicating things?"


The older bit her lip, as if making a choice to tell the truth or not. "I just don't want anyone to get the wrong idea."


"Ohhhh. So there is someone." Something finally clicked in Jennie's mind. "Is it Son Seungwan from the theater club?"


The duo was confused again because of the silence that came after. They did not hear any reply from Joohyun. 


"Yah! What are you guys doing here?" 


The duo did not realize that Seulgi already crept up on them. Joy literally manhandled the bear-looking girl and pulled her by the wall. 


"Sssshhhh! Joohyun unnie is getting a confession." 


"Whaaat? From whom?"


Suddenly, they heard the cheerleader's loud laugh. The trio quickly peeked their heads over the corner. "You know, my friends told me about this. But hey, at least I still took a chance instead of regretting on not doing anything." 


"I know that you will find the ri

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Chapter 6: Cuteee
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Chapter 6: Joo-Hyun's jealousy is priceless! Ijbol with SeulJoyRi and their antics
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