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Kim Yerim

Yeri could still recall the first moment when her life got entangled with Joohyun and Seungwan's.

She was only 17 when she entered college to study Computer Engineering. People in her hometown even dubbed her as a coding genius since at the age of 15, she already sold an application to what became one of the most famous tool in the banking industry.

It was her first day in the university and each course batch was assigned with two campus guides to tour and assist the new students for a couple of months. Yeri was a loud yet friendly kid so it didn't take her long to be close with everyone in her batch (it was not yet even lunchtime!).

"So you may look to your right and see what is famously known as the "lovers' spot"  the blonde guide said as she pointed out hidden booths on what seemed to be an empty hallway inside the library.

"These are mostly occupied by lovers since as you can see, they are quite hidden," the blonde added and winked playfully. There was a series of embarassed chuckles from the batch but one person was clearly not amused.

"Yah! How did you know that?" the other guide suddenly exclaimed. "Have you brought someone here before?" the brunette asked with an accusing tone. Yeri thought that the brunette was very soft-spoken because of how she talked to the other students awhile ago but clearly, she wasn't.

The blonde quickly looked like a deer caught in a headlight. Yeri almost laughed as the blonde kept opening and closing like a fish as she stammered over her words. "Wha- how can I bring-- I don't bring anyone here, Hyun!"

"Then how did you know what's this called?" the other rebutted and pointed at the spot again.

"I heard it from Sooyoung!"

The brunette hissed and Yeri swore she saw daggers in the girl's eyes. "I swear to God, Son Seungwan. If you already brought someone here before, you will never see the daylights again,"

The blonde flailed her hands in panic, "But..I swear-- I swear I did not!"

"Why are you stammering with your words? You're clearly lying right now!"

"I'm not! I swear to heavens I did not bring anyone here before,"

"Hey! Are you two together?" Yeri couldn't help to in. Her remark was followed by a series of yell, mostly teasing, that came from the other students.

That question finally got the two out of their own bubble. It seemed like that was the only time the two guides remembered that they were in front of around 25 new students. The two guides turned around and saw eyes staring at them.

The blonde laughed embarassingly as she scratched her neck lightly, "Nope, we're just best friends." she replied to Yeri and then regarded the brunette with a small smile. "Let's move along,"

Yeri did not miss the frown on the brunette's face when the blonde said those words.
"Seungwan unnie, please please, let me borrow your car," the youngest pleaded. The three were inside Joohyun's dorm. It was originally just Joohyun and Seungwan studying for their courses but then, Yeri showed up unannounced right outside Joohyun's door.

Yeri was comfortably seated on Joohyun's beanbag chair by the corner of her room while the two best friends were seated by the headboard on the older's bed. Books and papers were scattered all over.

"That party is for the other department though, why would you even go there?" Seungwan inquired as she continuously munched on her chips with book on one hand.

"To meet some new people of course!"

Joohyun was the one who asked this time, "And you're going by yourself?"

Yeri shook her head lightly, "Hongseok oppa will be with me,"

Seungwan's eyes widened then quickly shook her head in disapproval, "Hmmmm. Nope. Nuh-uh."

Yeri looked confused, "Huh?"

"We're coming with you," Seungwan declared and she sat up straight.

"What now?!" Yeri asked incredelously. "That is so ridiculous Seungwan unnie. Don't you think so, Joohyun unnie?" the youngest tried to look for a reassurance in her other unnie's eyes.

Joohyun hummed as she thought it over, "Nope. Seungwan's right. We should go with you just in case," the older was already packing up her things and cleaning up. "Who knows what can happen?" Joohyun muttered under her breath.

Yeri rolled her eyes at that and slumped further on the beanbag chair, already accepting her defeat since she knew that whatever Joohyun says, Seungwan would just follow, "Jeez moms. I can handle myself,"

"We don't have a daughter like you though," Joohyun quickly countered with a huff.

Yeri's eyebrow raised at that. "You feed me, you guys help me with my homework, you bring me home and at one point, Joohyun unnie ironed my clothes and tonight, you're even chaperoning me," the youngest listed off with her fingers.

"Now, tell me that you guys are not my mothers," Yeri declared coolly as she stared confidently at the two dumb-struck bestfriends who were sitting too closely now with their books and papers gathered in their arms.

The two looked at each other simultaneously, opened their mouth to argue, but surprisingly found none.

For the first time ever, they did not have anything to reply to the younger.

So after years of friendship, Joohyun and Seungwan blindly accepted the fact that they finally have a daughter named Kim Yerim.  


Yeri needed some help.

She texted Seungwan to ask where she was and the latter replied that she was in a coffee shop near the school. Immediately after her class, Yeri dashed to the coffee shop. She entered through the glass door and was surprised that there were many people at this hour. She looked over the tables and tried to find her Seungwan u

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