I. Seungwan

stuck with you
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Son Seungwan did not know how her life came to this point. Seriously. A few seconds ago, she just received her favorite dessert from the counter. She was supposed to walk away, get out of the store and say goodbye to her current companion. She thought this could be done in just 15 minutes. But the next thing she knew, she was on the verge of dying in the grasp of a certain woman.


Seungwan knew this already.


She prayed to all the gods to spare her life but with the luck she got, well the chances were 1 to 1000.


She held the cup of vanilla ice cream topped with her favorite toppings (crushed graham, chocolate chips, and syrup) on one hand as her other hand slowly balled into a fist on her side.


"Sejeong, go," she whispered to the girl beside her who's holding a similar cup of ice cream as well. Seungwan’s eyes were set straight on the window of the store as she saw a fuming woman about to enter the store. Sweats started to form in her hands. Everything was going in slow motion for Seungwan. "Go or else you'll die,"




The other girl was confused at the sudden change in the air so she asked, "Why? Did something happen?"




Seungwan scrunched up her face in quite annoyance and looked sideways at the girl, "Go now, woman! Or else we'll both die!" 




Sejeong was startled at the sudden rise in Seungwan's voice who she knew had always been gentle to everyone. She followed the sight of the girl and noticed someone walking towards them, "I--I don't understand, that's Bae Joohyun sunbaenim coming our way, right?"




Seungwan turned swiftly, her back facing the woman walking towards them, and shoved the ice cream cup to her companion’s hand. Sweat started to pour out from her forehead as well. "Whatever she asks, I did not eat that ice cream, okay? You just asked me to hold it for 'ya, clear?" she said in all seriousness.




Sejeong tilted her head dumbly but nodded anyways, still confused at the sudden change in the girl's behaviour.


Being an overly achiever in her year, Seungwan does not hesitate to tutor anyone in her batch. Sejeong just wanted to treat Seungwan for an ice cream since the girl helped her in her trigonometry class that day. Seungwan agreed enthusiastically but then made a really strange request, which was to get the ice cream from a store far from their university.


Well, it was really not that far but it was still a ten to fifteen-minute walk compared to the famous ice cream store just beside their university.




The soon-to-be-dead girl was already sweating bullets as she added frantically, "And--and we just met here accidentally, capiche?"




Sejeong heaved a sigh, "Uhmm, okay?" She knew she had to other choice but agree to the girl since Seungwan looked like she was about to pass out at any moment. She wondered why Seungwan had to act like this.




When Seungwan turned around, she was met with a pair of glaring eyes and an armful of Bae Joohyun who immediately pulled her to her side, putting a safe distance between them and the girl holding two ice cream cups.


"Fancy seeing you here, Seungwan-ssi," Joohyun hissed through gritted teeth as her hold on the girl's arm tightened.




"Sejeong," she looked at the other girl and acknowledged her presence with a curt nod.


"Joohyun sunbaenim, it's nice to see you," Sejeong beamed but the older just stared at her.


"Likewise," Joohyun replied monotonously. "By the way, what are you two both doing here?"


Seungwan quickly stepped back, causing Joohyun's hold on her to lose. "Oh, I met her here by accident! I came here and she was here already! Actually, I just came in a few seconds ago before you got here," the girl rambled and started to laugh nervously at the older.


But Joohyun paid no mind at the girl’s bout of excuses, instead, she stared at Sejeong. "Are you here by yourself?"


Sejeong nodded as she saw Seungwan discreetly made a sign to do it so she followed dumbly.


Joohyun scoffed at the reply. She then pulled the girl behind her with a slight force so they were standing side-by-side again. Seungwan glanced at the older’s face and felt Joohyun's hold on her hand tightened again. Right there and then, Seungwan knew she was dead.


Seungwan saw how the corner of Joohyun’s lips lift and blossomed to her signature smirk.


A beat, then…


"If you're here by yourself...” she mused. “Then why are you holding two ice cream cups?" the girl inquired innocently but Seungwan knew there was something else in her voice.


The impending doom…


Sejeong eyed Seungwan helplessly, seeking for a reply but the other girl already had her head down dejectedly. As if she already lost.  "I--I like ice cream so much, sunbaenim! So, I ordered two for myself," she lied as she raised the two cups enthusiastically.


Joohyun stepped forward and took a quick peak at the ice cream cups. "You like vanilla ice cream?"


"Ye-yes?" she stuttered as she did not expect the senior's action.


"With graham, chocolate chips, and syrup?"


Sejeong nodded again and inquired, "Why? Is something wrong?"


Seungwan almost facepalmed herself right there and then.


Joohyun clicked her tongue at the reply. As if she already got the answer she needed. The older glanced briefly at the sweating girl beside her and hissed "Oh, it's just because I used to know someone who liked vanilla ice cream topped with those three specific toppings...but well, she's long dead now,"


Seungwan felt her bone cracking at the increasing intensity of Jooh

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