III. Seulgi

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Kang Seulgi.


She first met the two (annoying?) best friends when she transferred to their school. Fortunately, the bear-looking girl did not have any trouble getting comfortable with her new school and interacting with her classmates.


Joohyun was already on her junior year in high school and Seungwan was a freshman when Seulgi entered high school. Truth be told, it amazed Seulgi since she already heard numerous rumors about the junior even just on the first day of her school. You know, the usual school crush because of her ethereal beauty, where girls and boys from other classes and even from other schools wanted to witness her beauty even just once. Unfortunately, she was not able to cross paths with the famous junior even after two weeks of attending the school.


So, at one point, she decided to join the Dance Troupe of their school to further her skills and meet new people. And that was when she first met Bae Joohyun. Seulgi could still clearly remember how their first meeting went.


“Hi! My name is Kang Seulgi. I just transferred here two weeks ago. I promise to do my best for the club and I hope you’ll take care of me!” she greeted enthusiastically and bowed deeply at everyone.


The club members cheered and welcomed the new girl warmly. As the newest and youngest member of the club that time, she was told what she would be partnered with a junior to get her up to date with the happenings in the club.


That was when she met finally the Bae Joohyun, the famous junior student of Class 3-A.


Seulgi was getting her water refilled when she felt a tap on her shoulder and a soft voice from behind, “Hello, My name’s Bae Joohyun. I’m one of the juniors here and I’ll be your partner for now,”


Upon realizing that it was her junior, Seulgi turned around and quickly bowed to a 180 degrees. When she looked up, she almost choked at the sight of what probably the prettiest girl she’d ever seen. “Oh! I’m Kang Seulgi of class 1-B. It’s nice to meet you, sunbaenim!”


The junior almost laughed at the overly enthusiastic freshman but tried to suppress her grin. “Just call me unnie. You seem so cheerful and lively. That’s good,” she hummed appreciatively.


Seulgi could not hide the blush glowing on her cheeks as the junior continued to stare at her, “Oh…uh… thank you, un-unnie” At that point, Seulgi knew she already admired the older. A crush…perhaps? She already felt like a fangirl.


“I think you and my best friend will get along well,” the junior commented out of the blue.




The junior scratched her chin, as if thinking deeply, “She’s very loud and cheeky. I think you’re like that too…I’ll introduce you to her later,”


Seulgi nodded repeatedly at the junior while grinning, “Oh. Uhmm, sure!”


Seulgi then felt a tug on her arm as she got dragged by the older, “Come on, I’ll explain some of the activities we do here in the club and our practice schedule,”


Tired. Seulgi was dead tired that day. Even though it was just her first day in the club, the freshman immediately participated in the practice because of an upcoming event in the school.


After the 2 hour practice, Seulgi slumped on one corner of the room and took out her phone. Few club members mingled with her but after a few minutes, she saw the famous junior stood up from the floor, with phone in hand, and walked to the door. There, she witnessed a different kind of Bae Joohyun for the first time. Loud, funny, and carefree.


Seulgi could still feel the shiver that went down her spine when Joohyun was leading the choreography a few minutes ago. She was focused, serious, and does not hesitate to point out mistakes made by the members. She excused herself from the group and stood casually on the other side of the room to peek at the person conversing with Joohyun. As she squinted her eyes to get a better look, she saw a girl with a chubby cheeks and blonde hair.


The girl seemed to notice her stare as Joohyun quickly turned back and looked in her way. Seulgi tried to look at everything but them however, she heard light footsteps coming to her place.


“Seulgi,” she heard the soft voice of the junior called. She looked up and was greeted by two smiling faces. She quickly noticed how the junior had her hand interlocked with the blonde.


“Here’s my idiot best friend, Son Seungwan. The one I told you a while ago,”


“Unnie!!!” the blonde girl whined at the older and even stumped her feet. “How cute,” Seulgi thought.


“Don’t listen to what she said. My name’s Son Seungwan, a freshman here,”


Seulgi’s ears perked up, a freshman like her, “Oh! I’m a freshman, too! Wait, when’s your birthday?”


“Oh, uhm, February 21, 1994. Yours?”


“February 10, 1994!!!”


The blonde’s eyebrows went up so high. S

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