II. Joohyun

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It hasn’t been an hour when Joohyun stepped out of the classroom for a breather when she came back to her desk full of chocolates, gifts, and flowers. “Tsk,”


She grabbed her phone from under the desk and checked if there were any new messages.




Not even a single text from a hamster asking how her day was.


Usually, her best friend texts her every other hour just to check up on her but Joohyun didn’t  expect to receive nothing all day. Maybe she’s busy.


"Whoaaaaa, I didn't expect you'd have these much gifts than last year, unnie" Yeri pointed at the numerous chocolates and flowers on the older's table. The younger passed by the older’s classroom since she had to submit a club work to one of Joohyun’s classmate.


"As usual, get anything you want. I won’t take them home anyways," Joohyun replied in a sullen tone. Ever since the two best friends were in middle school, Joohyun and Seungwan had a tradition of giving each other a gift every Valentine’s day since Joohyun reasoned, “Best friends can do it too, right?” How was Seungwan supposed to deny that request when Joohyun stared at her with puppy eyes and a pout?


Unfortunately, Seungwan was out of town that day since her Math team had a three-day competition outside Seoul. So, there she was, sulking on her own seat as she played with her hands the carefully-wrapped gift she made for the younger.


"Score!" Yeri immediately leaped off the chair and started grabbing whatever she could in her arms. A few of Joohyun’s classmates snickered at the younger’s action.


"Looks like someone received a lot of presents this year," a familiar voice boomed from behind. Joohyun did not need to think twice to determince whose voice it was. She whipped her head back, almost hitting Yeri's face with her hair. She was greeted by a cute and adorable sight of her bestfriend who was sporting a wide smile and wiggling eyebrows.


"Wan," she breathed and quickly stood up from her chair, toppling some chocolates on her desks, then leapt into the open arms waiting for her


She was immediately engulfed with the vanilla scent of the girl as warm arms slowly encircled her waist. Joohyun settled her head on the crook of Seungwan's neck and breathed in the girl's familiar scent. "You smell nice," she commented.


Seungwan felt the growing smile from the older’s lips. "You're not so bad yourself," she teased and let out a light laugh.


"I thought you'll be back tomorrow,"


Instead of answering, Seungwan just tightened her hold on the older, pulling Joohyun incredibly closer as if it was necessary that every skin of their bodies was touching.


Joohyun looked up slightly when she did not hear a reply from the younger, "You missed me, don't you?" she eyed the girl teasingly.


Seungwan shook her head and just kissed her temple, "Naaah~ There was just this junior who kept texting me about her unnie who was being sulky since her best friend was not around,” Seungwan explained as she blindly reached behind her backpack with one hand and pulled out something.


Joohyun looked back at her desk and saw Yeri playfully winked at her and made a thumbs-up sign. She shook her head and smiled. When she glanced back to her best friend, the sight almost blinded her as Seungwan was grinning widely while holding a keychain.


A purple bunny cradling a hamster in her arms.




But Joohyun knew it was only the two of them who knew what it really meant.


"I love it! Put it on my backpack, please," Joohyun squealed as she scrambled to get her backpack from behind her chair and gave it to Seungwan


“Sure, let me,” Seungwan replied and safely hung the key chain on Joohyun’s back pack.


"This shall now be my most prized possession!"


Seungwan’s heart melted at the sight of Joohyun who was holding the key chain as if it was fragile.


Yeri smirked at the comment and decided to unnie, "Joohyun unnie, I thought you don't bring home any gifts from Valen—“


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