Broken Ties

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Eunha, SinB, and Umji have been running for the majority of their lives from a cult in which they cannot escape. These three will meet others who will test their faith, their relationships, and their strength. Will they overcome the obstacles that await them, or will they succumb to their shadows?


The apartment had doubled in size; it was nice having so many faces, beautiful faces. Faces that didn't deserve this. If only I could turn back the clock. If I never met them, none of this would be happening, they would be happy, and I would be alive.


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Chapter 5: I have absolutely no recollection of reading this. I’m so confused. I’ve gone on an amnesiac spree lately where I can’t remember stories I’ve subscribed to BUT BOY OH BOY. THIS IS GREAT! The intrigue honestly. I have no idea what the is going on! It’s great! HAHAHAHAHA But really, I thought this was a high school au where Eunha got bullied or whatever but then like I found out that Yerin is a detective and they’re all working apparently?? So the whole shebang with Sowon is like?? Eunha getting a Masters Degree?? I’m honestly so confused. I have a feeling I’ll have to reread this every time a new update comes because my brain can’t register with mystery novels. BUT I LOVE IT SO FAR! EVEN WITH THE CLUELESSNESS!
_NightDrive #2
really like the story (≧∀≦)
Mysn123 #3
Chapter 3: Can someone tell me what is happening cause i dont understand,so let's say umji eunha sinb are 1 team,umji yuju yerin are partner(?) Yerin sowon are bestfriend,but is yerin in the bad side or wot dhhshehs
Chapter 3: Nooo! Don't you dare lay your fingers on Eunha!! Eunha is our precious bunny<3 I really hope Yuju is okay.... ;~; this story keeps spiralling darker and darker with so many twists and secrets!!!! Can't wait for the next part!!! Thank you<3
_NightDrive #5
Chapter 3: Wait i dont get then ending.... where is sowon talking? On the phone? (・・?)
Chapter 2: Ahh! Wonha progress is cute, Flirty Sowon and hardheaded Eunha<3 And SinRin is adorable, their friendship is gonna bloom! I wonder about Yumji though... I hope Yuju will be safe TT~TT I hope all of them will be safe! Thank you author-nim!
Chapter 1: Ooo this is good author-nim! I'm excited to read more! I'm so curious about their past!!