The Distance Between Us


Hyunjin retells the story of his predebut days with Minho and how their relationship has changed over time.

The story is mainly set during the Stray Kids Survival Show


I wrote this one shot after I started watching the Stray Kids Survival Show and I am currently at like episode 7. Therefore there will be some mistakes and after that it will get quite fast paced. I wanted to keep the one shot short, but it turned out longer than I planned.

Of course I used the real events from the series within this story, but everything the characters say is made up.

English isn't my first language, so there surely are some typos and more. If there is anything not understandable, please let me now.

This is a work of fiction and does not necessarily represent reality.

Comments are always appreciated!

Have fun reading!


Songs I listend while writing this:
Nico Santos - Play with Fire
Leonell Cassio - Lie to you
Il Pagante - Vamonos Piano version


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Chapter 1: The story is really touching, i am happy to see someone writing for hyunjin and minho