Crash (Jiu x Sua)

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Jiu was hanging out in her dorm room kind of worried for Sua and yet she couldn’t place her finger on it. She knew that she was going out with her teammates after a tough game to celebrate and yet she felt nervous for her. Sua and Jiu have been dating for a bit now. Ever since Their first year in college. At first, they were both quiet happy with each other as friends but as time went on everyone can see that they were meant to be more than friends and just like that it happened. Sua went to a team dinner with her basketball team after winning their toughest game of the season.

“Okay what’s on your mind Jiu. You seem out of it after the game today.” Gahyeon asked as she passed Jiu the Pizza her and her friend group order.

“I’ll be honest I don’t know I had been off for a while now huh?” Jiu Lied. She knew what was up but really didn’t know how to explain it. After a little bit she was calm down a bit as she continued to talk with her friends about the break that is coming up. Gahyeon already told her parent about Jiu coming to hang with them this break, and her parent were more than happy to have her. As they were talking Jiu’s phone went off “Hold on guys I’m getting a called” Jiu said as she went out of the room and accepted the call.

“Hello?” Jiu said over the phone.

“Hello is this Jiu?” The person said over the phone.

“Who’s asking?” Jiu question with her being careful.

“I’m Doctor Davis at the hospital near the collage” Jiu’s heart sank “Just to inform you that Sua got into a really bad drunk driving accident when the driver hit her. We couldn’t get in contact with her parent so you were the only one that we could. We don’t know if she is going to make it or not”

“I’ll be over as soon as I can” Jiu said as she hung up and ran back in the dorm “Gahyeon you need to drive me to the hospital closest from her now” Jiu said as everyone froze in fear.

“Is everything okay?” Yoohyeon asked growing worried for Jiu.

“It’s Sua she got into an accident where a drunk driver hit her…... she might not make it. Please take me there now!” Jiu said as the tears came down. Gahyeon and the rest of her friend dropped everything and went to Gahyeon’s car.

When they got in the car. Gahyeon started driving as fast as she can as they started making their way to the hospital. Handong was in the back seat making sure Jiu was breathing normal. The car was quiet as Jiu didn’t know how to talk to the other because she is worried sick about her girlfriend. There was traffic which made Gahyeon slow down a lot. She landed her hand on the horn as people were looking over to the side. Jiu looked over and her eyes went wide.

“Oh ” Yoohyeon said quietly. There was a car that drove off the road and you could see the blood on the hood of the car assuming someone was hit by the car. They could see the driver was still aggressive towards the cops as they tried to calm him down but there was no ambulance. Jiu couldn’t get her eyes off the accident as she thought it was the car that Hit Sua.

“Gahyeon please drive away from this!” Handong said as she turned Jiu’s attention away from the car accident.

“I’m trying but people are being s!” Gahyeon said as she landed her car horn once again which got them finally moving. After a couple more minutes of Gahyeon’s insane driving they finally made it to the hospital “You guys go I’ll get parking!” Gahyeon said as the other got out of the car. Jiu was the first to sprint into the hospital with Handong and Yoohyeon right behind her. She made it to the front desk.

“Where is Sua…. The one who got into the drunk driving hitting her on the ing sidewalk!” Jiu said as she tried to control her breathing. The lady quickly pointed them in the direction as they all went sprinting towards that way.

“Siyeon!” Yoohyeon yelled as she saw her some of their teammates and coach their, all worried sick. Siyeon looked over and tried to get up but went back down to her seat. Yoohyeon’s eyes went wide as she saw Siyeon was hurt as well.

“H-hey Yoohyeon” Siyeon said as Yoohyeon gave her light hug.

“W-what happen t-to you now?!” Yoohyeon said as she looked down. Siyeon looked down as tears fell quickly.

“Sua pushed me out of the way before the driver hit me fully with his car. He got the side of my but it’s only bruising.” Siyeon said as she wiped her tears down. Jiu fell down to her knee’s as she heard Sua could have given up her life to save her teammates. Dami came over and gave Jiu a big up.

“Dami, where is Sua?” Jiu asked.

“They are performing surgery on her as we speak” The coach said as he walked over “I’m beyond pissed off by this guy. Parents or not his is going to jail. I’m hoping she makes it…. ” The coach said as he walked away, clearly worried about his player.

Gahyeon finally made and gave Jiu a hug whispering in her ear that she will make it as well as a few other word of encouragement.  

Jiu stayed right beside Yoohyeon and Dami as she asked, “What happen to her?”

“She saw a driving going off the road as it was about hit to Siyeon after getting dinner. Sua ran over and pushed Siyeon out of the way. She got hit and was launched back luckily hitting the grown, but she was knocked out right on the hit. The guy got out of the clearly drunk about to fight Siyeon who still got hit but not as much. Until our coach came over and held him down until the cops came and now, we are here” Dami said as she is still trying to figure out what’s going on “This was our 6th game too man!” Dami yelled as she punched the wall.

“Dami! Now is not the time to get mad” Her coach said “Text the other girls and keep them updated”

“Got it coach” Dami said as she got her phone out to text them. At this time the doctor came out and everyone stop what they were doing to hear.

“Good news she made it through the surgery without any complications. We got her sta

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