One way ticket home (Jiu x Handong)

Dreamcatcher one shots/ Story ideas
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Handong was typing away on her computer. Writing the next big story for her local paper. She looked over at the time and the clock said 2:46 am. It was getting late but Handong couldn't really care at the moment as she need to finish this story. She looks at the photo on her office desk and it was photo of Jiu and her laughing as their mutual friend took it for them. That the day that mark their one year of being together and they still looked happy together. Handong smiled at the photo as she kept looking and checked her phone to see what time it was in where Jiu was. It was 2:48pm now. Jiu was probably getting some errands done like she normally does during this time. 

It's been a year and half that Handong left to do her dream job. The two of them are long distance now but they make it work. They always made time to call and text each other despite their busy schedules. Time went on and Handong felt like her job was taking too much of her time and it was killing her. 

"Why are you still here Handong" Her friend Elkie said as she sat beside her with two coffees in her hands. She passed on to Handong "It's almost 3am and everyone went home." 

"I need to finish this story then I'll go home my boss has been getting on my back about it" Handong said as she stretched her arms back as she got back into writing. 

"Yes but that's story is not due until next week." Elkie said as she was worried for Handong. She look at the photo on Handong's desk as she ask "You friend?" 

"My girlfriend actually" Handong said as she stopped typing "My current girlfriend."

"Awww you guys are cute what the " Elkie said as she looked at the photo "She must be worried about you staying out this late?" 

"We are long distance now. I had to move out of country to take this job" Handong said "It was my dream job but at first I didn't want to take it but Jiu said I have to so I listened" 

"That is really cute Handong" Elkie said "When was the last you saw here though?" 

"A little over a year now" Handong said. 

"I'm glad you guy are still going strong though. It must be a lot to live far from her" Elkie said as Handong nodded "Can I give you advice?" 

Handong looked at Elkie as she nodded her head. 

"Are you happy here?" Elkie first asked. 

Handong sat on her desk as she thought about it for a second. Is she really happy here? At first she was happy but then she wasn't enjoying it less and less. She looked at Elkie as she said "Not anymore I guess. I'm so caught up with it and I never really had fun with it anymore" 

"Get a one way. Do something that will make you happy" Elkie said as she looked at the clock again "Its 3am you should go home you have to be here in 5 hours" 

"I will... thanks Elkie" Handong said as she saved her writing file and shut down her computer. Handong walked over to her car as she started it up and thought

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