Why is she quiet? (Handong & Dami)

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“Why is she so quiet”

“Just stay away from her it’s simple”

“I heard she murder someone in the school’s shed”

This is just everything Dami heard day by day. All she ever wanted was peace and quiet from everyone but they all just took it the wrong way. So many people thinks she is a killer, scared of Dami and she honestly hates it. She hates that people don’t like her. She can be an open person to the people closest to her. As time when one people actually started to get scared for her. School can be really ed up for this many reason and this is one of the reasons.

Dami was walking to her locker with her headphones in, ignoring everything that has been going on. She made it to her lockers as she placed her stuff in her locker as she walked. She looked around she could see that people were avoiding her. She sighed as she went to her first class of the day. She finally made it as she sat in the back of the class, not really caring for what this class is about today. She takes her favorite book out and starts reading her book, going into her own world.

“Okay everyone please listen up” The teacher said “We have a transfer coming from a different school. Please make sure she feels comfortable” The teacher finished as the new girl comes in. Dami looks up to see the girl. She looks back down to continue reading her book “ This is Handong please be nice to her. Handong you can sit beside Dami” The teacher said as Handong walked to the seat beside Dami.

Dami looked to her side and saw that Handong sat next to her. Dami took her earbuds out as Handong said “Nice to meet you Dami right?”

Dami nodded her head as she went back to her book, ignoring the rest of the class. She felt like she was getting watch. She looks over to the side and saw that Handong was looking to see what Dami is reading. She thought nothing about the situation as she continued to read her book. After the class was over and everyone was packing their stuff, Dami was still there as she reads her book. After everyone left, she thought she was okay to move. As she looked to the side, she saw that Handong was still there, scared to move out of her chair.

“Your still here?” Dami finally said something to Handong.

“Yea I’m still trying to know where I am going next” Handong said as she kept looking down trying to find her next class is. Dami quickly took the paper that Handong had in hand and saw the next class she had.

“So, this classroom is on the second floor of the school, just take the flight of stairs and it will be the first door on your right” Dami said as she handed Handong her paper back. She looked and she saw Handong smiled as she thanked her. Handong walks out of the room to go find the classroom. Just as she was walking out Dami just kept staring her down and smiled a bit. Dami’s eyes went wide as she thought Did, I smile because of her? Dami shakes her head as she places her book back in her bag as she got out of the classroom to go to her next class. As she was walking, she saw Handong again but this time she looked a little sad as she was holding the side of her face. Dami out of no where turned around to see if Handong was okay. She left a few minutes ago there was no way a lot has happening in a few minutes. She sat beside Handong as she asked, “What happen to you?”

“I’ll be okay” Handong said with a slight smile on her face. Dami looked and could see the side of her face bright red, like she have been hit. For some reason this made Dami pissed.

“Who hit you?” Dami asked even though she already knew the answer. She just wanted to see what Handong would say. Handong stayed quiet as she looke

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