Girl with luv (Sua x Siyeon)

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Sua didn’t want to go to this concert with Gahyeon. She didn’t even enjoy the group and what kind of music they make but Gahyeon promised her that it wouldn’t be as bad as she thinks and besides, she decide to used her favor that Sua owned her. The group itself is a rock group but with a few different song from RnB to even some pop but Sua couldn’t never get herself into the band which didn’t settle very well with Gahyeon. Gahyeon told her she had to come and that even Jiu was going to come. Luckily, she has someone to talk with… well more like suffer with she thinks.

“Sua are you ready!” Gahyeon yelled across the room.

“Just changing into something warm!” Sua yelled back as she change into the sweatshirt and jeans, something simple at leader for the day. She finally got out of her room and was saw Jiu and Gahyeon talking about the concert. Sua saw that Jiu was wearing the band’s merch “Jiu you didn’t tell me you enjoyed Dream’s?” Sua said as Jiu nodded to her statement.

“Dreams is actually a good band after Gahyeon told me that she was going to see them than heck yea I’ll join you guys!” Jiu said.

“Good than that means I don’t have to go” Sua said as she was about to walk away.

“You are still joining us!” Gahyeon said. Sua stopped in her tracks and made sure that she didn’t yell every curse word at Gahyeon for making her go to this concert.

“Then let’s go!” Sua said in fake excitement as the other agreed as they all left their house to go into the city.

They all decided since they are a few hours (Really it was 5 hour early because Gahyeon) To go get some food and just chill out. The found a nice little bar area which Sua got herself a strong beer to try to help her through the night. Jiu and Gahyeon were talking it up about the concert since they are both excited about it. Sua on the other hand was on her phone just looking up the latest stuff that’s going on. Just then the bar tender placed another drink in front of Sua. Sua looked up and pushed the drink back saying “Sorry I didn’t want another drink”

“Someone order this for you” The bartender said as he pointed over in the direction. She looked over and the girl waved. Sua looked at her and damn she was very good looking. Sua waved back at and smiled then the girl signal Sua to come over. She looked back at her friends then back at the girl.

She leaned over to her friends and said “Hey I’ll be right back I need to take a phone call”

“Okay! We will grab you in a bit if you are not back or send a search party… we will figure it out” Gahyeon said as Jiu nodded in agreement.

Sua made her way over to the girl and sat beside her as the girl said “I finally got your attention. You seem like you needed a couple minutes to talk to someone”

“Well that’s true haha told my friend that I would join them on something which I regret now” Sua said as it made the girl laugh

“Well isn’t that all friends where they suffer from time to time” The girl said “Name is Siyeon. I’m just a simple tourist here for the a couple days”

“Sua” Sua said to Siyeon “I can say one thing and that’s you are really good looking”

“I hear that from time to time from different people” Siyeon said as she placed her hand on Sua’s thigh “But hearing it from someone who is just as good looking is not really fair”

“Oh, please you’re out of this league” Sua said “So what brings you here?”

“Like I said a simple tour. I live a couple hours out but I never been here before so I decided with my group to do a little ‘tour’ around to see how different areas are” Siyeon said as she looked behind her like she was being watch or something “I thought I could get away from my friend for a little bit before we go to the concert”

“Oh, you are going to dreamers?” Sua said with a smile still on her face.

“Yea I am” Siyeon said “You like them?”

“I’ll be honest they are good group, but I don’t listen to them that often. Not my type of music but I promised my friends over that I would join them” Sua said.

Siyeon chuckled as she said “Well then you are pretty good friend to them if you are happy to go with them. Who knows you might have some fun”

“You never know” Sua shrugged as she took a sip on her drink. She made eye contact with Siyeon and she could feel herself go into a panic “I’m still wondering how a girl like you is here right here and I never

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