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Happy holildays for everyone who celebrates. I hope you enjoy this fun chapter ^^

Handong was sad to leave her band members for the program in China. The plan itself was to promote dreamcatcher better and to get more fans. Handong was also going on this show to get better on her singing because she thinks she could do a lot better. It’s already been a couple months and the member of dreamcatcher misses them dearly, just getting back from their last couple tours and now going to Japan to promote again while Handong get’s ready for the show. The Members just finished their last fan meeting as they got out their outfits for the stage and got into their casual clothing. They made it into their Van as it was quiet for not even 30 seconds.

“I miss Dongie” Sua said as the other agreed.

“We could face time her?” Yoohyeon suggested. The other agreed except Jiu.

“Guys she could be practicing as we speak… we shouldn’t disrupted her” Jiu said as the leader she is even though she really likes the idea.

“Hopefully she does well” Gahyeon said as the other agreed. Missing their dear member.

“We can wish her nothing but the best! We can keep supporting her through that show. She knows we will support her no matter what!” Sua screamed in the car as the other even Dami joined in as they all knew she would do great.

“Guys we talked about you all screaming… please be quiet” Their manager said as he was focusing on the road. Just before they said continued Yoohyeon’s phone went off. Yoohyeon looked down and screamed in joined as it was Handong calling them. She showed the other in her group and they were all happy.

“WELL PICK UP !” Sua yelled in happiness. They could hear their manager groaned due to her screaming.

Yoohyeon clicked answer and put it on speaker as Yoohyeon screamed “DONGIE!!” The other joined her as they were happy their fellow member decided to call them.

“Hey guys!” Handong said as she laughed at her members being loud like they are “Are you guys busy right now?”

“No, we are not Handong! We just finished our schedule for the day, and we are going back to the hotel” Siyeon yelled as she was sitting in the back of the van.

“So, you guys have time to talk?!” Handong said as she was excited to talk with them. It felt like years for her since she has seen them in person and was happy that they both sides have time to talk.

“Yea how’s everything been in China? Working hard like you usually do?” Jiu asked as the leader she usually does.

“Yes, Jiu I am working really hard. I want to show everyone that I am good, and I won’t stop until I meet their expectations” Handong said as the can hear the determination in the back of her voice.

“Handong you are already perfect in our eyes!” Sua screamed “We will support you until the end no matter what. We are family!”

“SUA AGAIN STOP SCREAMING” Manager yelled back as everyone laughed cause he really doesn’t scream at the girls unless it them screaming non-stop. Sua said sorry as she gave their manager a dirty look as a joke.

“Haha thank you guys. I really miss each and every one of you” Handong said

“We miss you too Dongie!” Dami said as she stayed quiet in the background.

“So Dami is alive?” Handong joke as Dami yelled hey back at her. Still the same savage as before.

“You know when you will be back??” Gahyeon asked as the other girls stayed quiet.

“Sadly I don’t know” Handong said over the phone in a sad tone “I really miss you guys and I hoping this goes by quickly so I can be with you guys again”

“Please remember to rest Handong. Don’t over-do yourself!” Jiu said

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