The Secret Keeper

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Wendy runs a booth where students can anonymously tell their secrets. When popular girl, Joy, drops by to admit she has a crush, the last thing Wendy expects is that it’s her. Because last she checked they hate each other....don’t they?


“What brings you in today?” 

“I have a crush.”

Seungwan nodded though the girl couldn’t see her. Crushes were a common secret brought to the booth. 

“I know that’s not like crazy or anything,” the girl continued, “but it sort of freaks me out. Crushes aren’t my thing, you know? People crush on me not the other way around.”




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58 streak #1
Chapter 1: Seungwan and Sooyoung might be Polar opposites but there is something, some kind of connection that draws them together. Just like the opposites attract.

Seungwan was sweet offering her umbrella to Sooyoung, even if they barely spoke they exchanged apologies and that is something, knowing how much they hate each other. Or hated. Things might be a bit awkward for now but maybe with time it will get better.
thedaydreamer_ #2
Chapter 3: rereading for the nth time!
Chapter 3: rereading again bcs the giddiness is so very much intact
16 streak #4
Chapter 3: Rereading this fic after so many years. Love it! I love WenJoy so much I miss them. Thank you
Chapter 3: Reread this because I miss wenjoy 😊
Genniee #6
Chapter 3: that was the cutest, I swear! giving my self a pat on the head for giving the time to read this masterpiece and now I can't stop feeling giddy about this!! ><
primabjh #7
Chapter 1: i already know this is going to be so good, your writing feels like a book u never want to put down..
Chapter 3: Sederhana, tapi berhasil membuat bibir ku terangkat sempurna. Ini manis!
Chapter 2: I really love the flow 😭😭💖💖
Chapter 1: Gemas!