the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares

all roads lead to you
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Summary: They’re two pieces of a puzzle perfectly locked into place.

Tags: um...light angst?, love is fun


It’s not supposed to be like this.

She’s the strong one. The unnie.

The one they turn to for their problems because she’s already experienced them firsthand and conquered through them even without an unnie herself to guide her.

Even when she feels weak, when the most she can muster is getting up in the morning and trusting her body to know the drill, to know how to survive until she can rest in her bed again, until she can tick off another day—she’s still the strongest one. This is what makes her strong.

But this . Just absolutely-ing-.

Joohyun’s hands refuse to stop shaking.

The nightmare continues to reverberate through her consciousness, in an endless loop of crushing despair where the chaotic bits and pieces all point into one direction: loss. Emptiness. The lack of something so vital to her she begs to lose herself as well.

It’s incredible that she didn’t scream in the throes of it, that she didn’t wake the person slumbering beside her; the one responsible. The reason why she’s so weak.

Joohyun chokes out a mirthless laugh, and she stirs awake.

“Unnie?” It’s sleepily mumbled, a question about why she’s sitting up in bed. A simple question, but the answer continues to spin around Joohyun’s vision, blin

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