with your hand in mine

all roads lead to you
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Summary: Joohyun and Seungwan, and the intricacies of handholding.

Tags: fluff

It’s a touch of comfort.

With fingers intertwined, making it difficult to lose each other in a crowd of idols.

A touch of reassurance.

Because even in this huge, noisy crowd, sometimes it’s easier to feel like they’re all alone.

Joohyun searches for her hand, like a magnet to metal, and it never takes long for Seungwan to find hers, too. It’s a shot of warmth to her system, but the world doesn’t spin on its axis the other way; the floor doesn’t feel like it’s caving beneath her feet. In fact, she regains her balance; the ground feels steadier.

How can an action so small feel so right?

And when the crowd dissipates, when she can breathe normally again with just her members by her side, Joohyun holds Seungwan’s hand even tighter against hers, afraid she will think of it as a cue to let go.

But Joohyun sometimes forgets how Seungwan has always been able to read her, like her heart is caged in the most transparent glass. The slight turn of Seungwan’s head, the bright smile on her face as she adjusts their hands to make the hold more secure.

It’s also a touch of compassion, the way the same hand lifts her chin up when she won’t meet Seungwan’s eyes, when she’s beginning to feel like anywhere else feels better than here. And when Joohyun finally obliges to look up, resi

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