Epilogue - Holy Smokes, That’s All, Folks!

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“Hey, guys, it’s Chaennie comin’ atcha live from Las Vegas!” Jennie crowed cheerfully onto her phone, which was propped up on a piano.


“Don’t listen to her. We’re not in Las Vegas,” Rosé said, giving the brunette a slight, admonishing smack on her arm. 


“No, we are not,” Jennie admitted. “Don’t worry, guys, we didn’t run off to get married in Vegas. But, due to popular demand, for the first time ever on Vlive as hubby and wifey, Mr. and Mrs... dundundunnn, Jennie Park! Wooooooo!” 


“No, I’m the hubby,” Rosé corrected. “So it’s Mr. and Mrs. Roseanne Kim.”


“My hubby took Jisoo’s last name?” 


Rosé rolled her eyes, and pinched Jennie’s side, making the older member squirm and then giggle.


“But anyway, guys, we are at my house,” Jennie explained. “And we are eating blueberries and these... what are these?” Jennie inspected something tiny, holding it close to her face and squinting.


“Pecans,” Rosé informed her, and opened at the brunette, who instinctively fed her a berry without missing a beat.


“I thought they were walnuts, but no, walnuts are the ones that look like brains?”


“Yes,” Rosé agreed, which prompted Jennie to start making zombie noises and try to bite the younger, who retaliated by giggling hysterically and attempting to swat the brunette away. 


“My brains aren’t even in my neck, ya goofball!” Rosé shrieked.


“I’m a vampire zombie,” Jennie explained, grinning toothily, before the two remembered that they were in front of a camera, and tried to regain their composure.


“Yeah, anyway, these don’t look like brains,” Jennie observed, inspecting the nut in her hand. “They look like...” Jennie trailed off before her eyes widened in realization, and she exploded into a snorting laugh.


“Omg, no. Do not even say what you are thinking!” Rosé threatened, and hugged Jennie in an attempt to censor anything she might say.


“I didn’t say anything! But you’re obviously thinking it too, Ms. Oops-I-did-it-again, because I never told you what I was thinking. There you have it, folks. She’s not that innocent!”


“If I’m not innocent, it’s because you’ve corrupted me.”


“Y’know what? I admit it. I’ll take full responsibility for your ertedness.” Jennie winked at Rosé, before looking back at her phone. “But seriously though, we are all super excited because... my hubby’s solo is about to be released!”


“Yaaaaaay!” They both cheered at the same time, and broke out into dorky dance moves, accompanied by a ridiculous beatboxing attempt by Jennie.


“I know you guys have been waiting patiently for this,” Rosé said.


“And we have too,” Jennie added. “I am personally the biggest Rosé stan in Blackpink.”


“But you’re not very big,” Rosé joked.


“Oh, is that how we’re gonna play?” Jennie threatened.


“No. No, you’re the absolute biggest,” Rosé amended sheepishly.


“I’m humongous.”


Rosé nodded in assent. 


Jennie smirked as she squinted at her phone screen. “Blinks are saying that Rosie is whipped.” 


“I’m just respectful to the elderly,” Rosé shot back, before both girls turned their heads towards a muffled voice from the kitchen, and then the Australian cheered in victory.


“Eomma says she’s the biggest Rosé stan,” Jennie said, and Rosé beamed proudly, before they both turned their heads towards the muffled voice again, and then Rosé burst out laughing.


“Eomma says Rosie is her real daughter, and I’m just a pain in the . Oh, thanks for the love, guys,” Jennie said with a scowl, but her eyes were twinkling with adoration as she watched Rosé, who was now playing with Kuma, who had leapt onto her lap. 


“People are saying that Chaennie is real,” Jennie said, reading through the comments. “You guys have such wild imaginations,” she said with a ghost of a smile playing on the corner of her lips.


“They’re very creative,” Rosé agreed absentmindedly as she exchanged kisses with Kuma. 


“Anyway, we’re not gonna give you any spoilers about hubby’s solo,” Jennie said. “Is she gonna be playing the guitar? The piano? I’m not telling you guys, because the teaser is dropping soon,” Jennie continued prattling off to her phone screen. “Rosie is super talented, isn’t she?” 


“Nooooo,” Rosé howled embarrassedly, and held Kuma up in front of her face. “Kuma is the talented one.”


“Well, yeah, he gets his talent from you, and his good looks from me,” Jennie said smugly, and then upon realizing how couply she made them sound, added, “He’s also a great dancer like Lisa, and an idiot like Jisoo unnie.” 


“When are you gonna get your solo, Kumayah?” Rosé asked the puppy, who was her nose. “You are sooo handsome. Yes, you are!” 


“His solo? Has he even debuted with a group?” Jennie asked.


“Yeah, he’s in Petpink with Dalgom, Leo, Luca, Louis and Joohwang. Kuk

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