Chapter 6 - Sun’s Out, Guns Out

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(Rosé POV) 


Things had once again changed between Jennie and me. She is a lot kinder and more attentive these days. She would often make pancakes and Kimchi fried rice for me, or she would buy Kinder Eggs, and leave them on the kitchen table, along with dorky notes on Post-its. She was like a giant housecat leaving me dead birds and bugs and mice. I acknowledged her olive branch by making it a point to stop by her room before bed, just to wave and smile and say goodnight, also because I did still worry for her. We still weren’t hanging out like before, which is probably for the best, because truthfully, even the measly attention I got from Jennie caused me so much confusion, as it all seemed very girlfriendly to me. In any case, it was still nice being able to be pleasant to her again. I didn’t want to pressure Jennie into anything, not that anyone could ever pressure Jennie Kim into anything. I wanted things to go back to the way they used to be. I wanted to get over Jennie, if that was the only way we could be friends again. I missed Jennie immensely, so I had been distracting myself by keeping busy and spending more time with other people. Joy and Yeri had been especially receptive to my invitations. 


“Unnie, we’ve been so worried about you! We haven’t heard from you since that night we went clubbing,” Yeri proclaimed the moment I opened the door to let them in, and proceeded to leap on me with a giant hug. I had invited them over to the dorm because the rest of my members were going to be out.


Joy picked up Yeri from behind by her shirt, like a cat picking up her kitten by the scruff of its neck. “Let Rosé breathe, Jesus Christ!”


“Hallelujah!” Yeri proclaimed with outstretched arms, her feet dangling helplessly ‘til Joy returned her to the ground. She huffed at her taller friend, calling her Shrek, and Joy in retaliation called her Donkey, and then I asked if I could be the Antonio Banderas kitty. 


“I mean you basically had the orange hair for it at one point,” Yeri pointed out. 


“Yeri, we all did,” Joy shot back.


The night wore on with us laughing and talking about unimportant things like celebrities and TV shows, and more important things like food. We were snacking on popcorn and pizza, when I remembered that Jennie had made me truffle pasta before she left, so I thought I’d share it with the Velvets.


“She was so excited because she found this gourmet place that actually sold fresh truffles, like, she absolutely detests truffle oil. She’s such a snob about it,” I rambled. I could talk for hours about all of Jennie’s adorable quirks.


“Omg, Jennie is such a good cook,” Joy said with full of pasta.


“This stuff really smells like feet, huh?” Yeri commented.


“Omg, you’re so dumb,” Joy snarled. 


“But seriously though, Jennie unnie is so totally girlfriend material, don’t you think?” Yeri said. 


“I don’t know. I mean, I love her to bits, she’s super y, but she seems like she’d be a moody, high-maintenance ,” Joy answered thoughtfully.


“Chaeng unnie would know. Would you date her?” Yeri asked, and they both looked at me expectantly for my verdict.


“She... y’know, she’s a workaholic and a... perfectionist, so maybe, I don’t know...” I said hesitantly. 


“Still though, I’d totally be her housewife and have her babies,” Yeri said.


After thoughtfully chewing a forkful of pasta, Joy answered, “Y’know what? Same.” 


Triple same, I thought to myself. Ugh, why? I have a sickness.


“Is she still dating Jongin oppa?” Joy asked.


I shook my head.


“That was so two comebacks ago,” Yeri sneered at Joy. 


“I’m so sorry that I can’t keep up with other people’s love lives. I can barely keep up with my own.”


“You can’t keep up ‘cause people keep running away from you,” Yeri snickered. I tried to stifle a laugh.


“Is Jennie dating anyone at all?” Joy asked, ignoring Yeri.


“I don’t think so?” I answered slowly. Why is everyone so interested in Jennie’s dating situation? 


“If I had a brother, I’d so try to hook them up,” Joy gushed. 


“Who needs a brother? Date her yourself,” Yeri suggested.


“I’m not into girls, but I’m considering it,” Joy said, and they both laughed in agreement. I tried to laugh along awkwardly, but I was imagining punching Joy’s windpipe. 


“Do you guys ever mess around?” Yeri asked evilly, as I was taking a sip of my drink, causing me choke on my orange juice. 


“Jesus Christ, Yeri, such a ert!” Joy exclaimed, rubbing my back as I launched into a coughing fit. 


“You just said you’d bone her!” Yeri defended herself.


“Yeah but that’s me. Look at this face,” Joy said, taking my cheeks in her hand. “Does this look like a face that would mess around with the terrifying Jennie Kim, or anyone for that matter? Rosé is a sweet, innocent baby.”


I felt a villainous laugh bubble inside me and fought to suppress the urge, as the memory of Jennie riding my face into the sunset surfaced in my brain. The terrifying Jennie Kim totally got off on my face, I thought giddily. God, I missed her. 


Jennie had just returned home as Yeri was polishing off the last of the truffle pasta. She eyed us with an annoyed face, but laughed and softened a little when Yeri blew her a kiss. Joy and Y

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