Chapter 1 - Fries Before Guys

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(Jennie POV)


“So, how was your date?” Rosé asked in singsong as soon as I walked into the dorm. Sometimes, Jisoo and Lisa would be waiting with her, eager for details of these usually disastrous events, but I could always count on Rosé to stay up, ready to comfort me.


I wrinkled my nose in distaste. “Sad, funny, and stupid,” I told her. 


“Yikes, doesn’t sound like you had a good night,” she said sympathetically before heading to the kitchen.  


“It was horrible,” I said. I followed her and pulled up a chair as she rooted around the fridge and cupboards. “Omg, I love you,” I gushed when she emerged with a pint of ice cream and a plate of fries. Rosé beamed proudly. 


“Fries before guys,” she reminded me, setting down the snacks, and we both started digging in. 


“Ugh, Rosie, can we just get married already, please? I’m so tired of dating all these losers,” I said with a mouthful of fries.


Rosé looked like she was biting the inside of her cheek, trying not to smile, and I could see her blushing a little. She was so fun to tease because she got flustered so easily. “We’re already married, silly,” was her reply.


“Then tell me to stop going on dates and let’s end this open relationship. You can just give mommy the sugar I need,” I said cheekily and winked at her.


“You’re so weird,” Rosé said, staring incredulously at me, but for a second I thought she looked like she wanted to comply with my sugar request. Before I could mess with her further, she started making choochoo noises and feeding me ice cream with her spoon. I loved it when she babied me. 


Sometimes, I wonder if my life would be easier if I gave up dating dudes and just dated Park Chaeyoung instead. She is easy on the eyes, attentive and sweet, smart and funny. I mean, the girl is definitely a keeper. It was also super convenient that we lived together. Dispatch would need to break into the dorm to catch us.  It would be the perfect setup. But do I swing that way? I’ve never given much thought to dating women before, except maybe Billie Eilish. Maybe. Like for a second if she wasn’t . But Rosé? I know for a fact she adores me, but probably just in a platonic way. I mean, who even knows what she’s into? I never hear her talking about romance and relationship stuff. It seems so unimportant to her. She never even gushes about crushes, except for that totally bull Gong Yoo answer she gives during interviews. Her life is pretty much work and her family and nerdy stuff like that. 


“Orange juice? Really? What, are we out of baby formula?” I teased when she poured me a glass. See what I mean? She’s so wholesome it’d be annoying if she wasn’t cute as a button and y as hell.


“That date probably gave you scurvy,” she said, and I stuck my tongue out at her. 


“More like rabies,” I quipped, making her laugh. 


“Where’d you find this guy even, and whatever happened to Kai oppa?”


I quickly chewed and swallowed a fry. “This guy is like Nayeon’s cousin or childhood friend or... uncle? I’m not

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