Chapter 2 - Liquor is Quicker

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(Rosé POV)


“Pleeeeeeease, Chipmunk, pleeeeeease!” Lisa begged. I had my arms crossed and a stern face on. I wasn’t going to budge on this.


“Yeah c’mon, Rosie, even Jisoo unnie is coming with us tonight,” Jennie said, trying to weigh in and convince me. “The one and only Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim is crawling out of her sweats, and putting on something totally y to join us for a night of debauchery! You don’t want to miss that. It won’t be as fun if it’s not the four of us.”


Jisoo looked apologetically at me. “Sorry, Pasta, I got ered into being y.”


“Look, ing is not the point-“ Jennie started to say.


“It is for me!” Lisa interrupted loudly.


“Yaasss! Get that oppa, girl!” Jisoo encouraged, and exchanged a high-five with the maknae, who clarified that she was “really more interested in impressionable younger guys.”


I ignored Lisa and Jisoo, who were now pretending to make out and feel up each other. “I just don’t want to get in trouble,” I said anxiously. I feel like such an old lady sometimes. 


“But that’s the beauty of this, we won’t get in trouble, guaranteed!” Lisa said, perhaps too confidently.


I raised an eyebrow. “How is that exactly?”


“It’s supposed to be this really exclusive, top secret club. You need a password to get in, some real Illuminati ,” Lisa explained. 


“And when exactly were we inducted into the Illuminati?” I asked, still unconvinced.


“The moment we played Coachella. Didn’t you get the memo? We hardcore, bruh. We the only gang to run the game in high heels,” Jennie deadpanned. I tried to look unimpressed, but I thought she was annoyingly adorable. 


“Yeri apparently knows a guy. She’s  gonna meet us there with the rest of RV,” Jisoo explained.”


“And we’re putting our eggs in THAT basket?” I asked incredulously. “I love Yeri to bits, but Yeri ‘knowing a guy’ doesn’t exactly inspire too much confidence in me.”


Jisoo shrugged. “What’s the worst that can happen? We can’t get in, and end up getting chicken with our friends instead? I’m okay with those odds.”


“Not me, I need to get laid,” Lisa announced, earning smacks from everyone. 


“But really, I’m not wasting my Chanel on chicken,” Jennie chimed in, after she was done pummelling the main dancer. 


“You wear nothing but Chanel. You already eat chicken in Chanel,” Jisoo pointed out. 


“Exactly. I’m over it. What’s your point?” Jennie shot back.


Jisoo ignored her and turned to me instead. “You should come, Chaeng. Look, we won’t stay long, and we’ll leave at the first sign of trouble. I need you to help keep these two out of trouble.”


“And you know I love trouble, hubby,” Jennie said, winking at me. 


I sighed. I knew I’d been defeated. I wanted to be responsible, but I didn’t want to be a wet blanket, and I certainly could never resist the charms of Jennie Kim in all her annoying glory. Lisa and Jennie cheered, came at me from opposite sides to sandwich me in suffocating hug, and give my cheeks big, wet, sloppy smooches, making me squeal “staaaaaahp!” But I felt pretty pleased with myself. 


The club was hopping when we arrived, and just as Yeri had promised, it was very exclusive. The crowd looked like total snobs, completely unimpressed with the presence of a bunch of pop stars. I loved it so much. We were all able to manoeuvre freely through the place without being approached or even recognized by strangers. Not that I don’t appreciate Blinks’ enthusiasm, but it was so refreshing and liberating to be able to kick back like a normal person. I wanted to run around and twirl, to bask in the atmosphere of glorious indifference!


But I guess it’s not just idols who have to struggle with unwanted attention, because our scantily clad group did have to fend off a few guys who were sniffing around like wolves trying to pick off prey. We were bombarded with catcalls, cheesy pickup lines, passive-aggressive compliments, unsolicited physical contact, and clumsy threats.


Jennie and Joy were ready to throw punches if not for Jisoo’s intervention. “Look, I’m gonna level with you creeps. This is girls’ night, and none of us are out for blood, or any other bodily fluid, so save yourselves the whistle and get lost,” Jisoo said, shooting them down. “Unless there are any takers here?” she questioned our party, giving the slob

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