The Mafia's Bodyguard

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Byun Baekhyun, a mysterious guy with a hidden identity as the nightcrawler is suddenly haunted by the ruthless mafia boss, Park Rex after he accidentally saw what he wasn't supposed to see. 


Characters introduction.


Park Rex (aka) Park Cara: 

28 years old. The only daughter of the Park empire, trained and raised as a man. The mafia boss of the Park empire.


Byun Baekhyun: 

30 years old. A bike rider with a hidden identity as the mysterious nightcrawler.


Park Min:

60 years old. The main head of the Park empire. Greedy and heartless.



Rex's greedy and evil cousin. 30 years old. He wants everything that belongs to Rex for himself and will stop at nothing till he gets what he wants.



Nick father, the evil within the family.



Rex's right hand man. Loyal to the call.


More characters will be introduced as the story develops.




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