Chapter 2

Please Teacher (anyeongz)

*Someone sent a message* 

>Hi there Choii Ssi thank you for accepting my friend request. I thought you're not going to accept my friend request since our friends on fa**book thinks were rivals. You know we post alot about the same person|Idol.

Tssk. You think I didn't know that you made a dummy account just to bash and write rude comments on my post? she mutters to herself

>So why did you add me? Jang wonyong ask.

>I just want to make friends with you. EunWooMyLuvs replied.

>Oh really I thought you're going to write rude comments on my post again. Choii Ssi replied.

>You know Choii Ssi How many times do I have to tell you that its not me hmmph.

>Bye Choii Ssi Imma sleep now, Lets chat again tomorrow Sleepwell,Min night~​​​​​


*End of their chat*


What was that? Why did she become friendly to me?. Is she planning somethingAnd why did she said those sweet words? (Her heart flutters for a bit) Calm yourself Wonyoung It's just sleepwell and minnight.

Im really tired, I should go to bed since it's already 11:30 pm. What if I woke up late again? Im going to become grade 10 tomorrow I shouldn't be late. I wish I can make some friends tomorrow hehe. Ofcourse I can Im the famous daughter of rich Mr. Jang hehe. *Wonyoung hugged her dog shaped pillow and sleep immediately.

It's already morning? Won young was waked up by a chat sound. She looks on her phone and saw 32 messages sent by EunWoo my luvs.

Ugh what the hell is she upto in this early in the morning??.

 >Good morning                                                                                                                                        >Hey Choii Ssi                                                                                                                                          >hey??                                                                                                                                                        >Are you awake?                                                                                                                                      >wake up!!!!                                                                                                                                              >It's already 7:00 aren't you going to school?                                                                                    >hey???????                                                                                                                                              >Are u ignoring me?                                                                                                                                >wake uppppp!!!!!                                                                                                                                    >hey!????

                                                                                              seen 7:03am


She's really loud...Ehhh it's already 7:04 am? *sighs* Thanks to her Im not going to be late this time. When I became a highschool student I always went to school late every first day of my class. Thanks to her I'm not going to be scolded by my teacher this time.


>Hey I just woke, What do you want, Do you need something?? You're so loud. But thanks to you Im not going to be scolded by my teacher this time. Wonyoung replied

>I don't need anything I only want you~joke....Im just checking If u already wake up. Hey Choi Ssi are you studying? I mean do you go to school?

>Ofcourse I do. Im always at the top of my class even If Im always late.

>What grade are you?

>I can't tell you that you know were spazzers, we can't tell our Identity to others. By the way bye.... Im going to take a bath I might be late at school If you keep bothering me....

*Meanwhile at EunwooMyLuvs residence.*

*Choii Ssi sent a message*

*I can't tell you that you know were spazzers, we can't tell our identity to others. By the way bye.... Im going to take a bath I might be late at school if you keep bothering me....


Hmmmm. I know you're Jang Wonyoung.....As your teacher I should research about my students. How come a Jang Family one of the richest family in Korea has a fangirl daughter and she's a spazzer too. She hides her identity really well what if someone excepts me discovers her identity. What will her fans would react?? A rich girl wasting her time on fangirling. She should be doing some stuffs related to business instead of wasting her time on fangirling......Ahn Yujin said and sighed.

Wow coming from you Mrs. Ahn? someone said and laughed.

Yah Kim Minjoo!! Yujin shouted.

hehe sorry Im just startled because those words came out to your mouth. You're the one who should stop fangirling, you're old enough Ms. Ahn and you're a teacher too what will you do? Are you going to gave a project to your students that related to kpop?

Ofcourse not duhh....and you know Im not that old Im only 20 years old.

Haha, Im just joking Ms. Ahn Im just teasing you. You know your so cute when your mad. If I became a guy in my next life I'll definitely marry you Minjoo jokingly said

*Yujin blushed* Minjoo laugh when she saw her friend blushing at her joke.

Hey Mrs. Ahn you know you're not my type Im loyal to my crush.

I didn't said that i like you. You idiot Minjugatto~

Yujin immediately go out to go to school and leaves Minjoo.

Bye Ms. Ahn...Minjoo shouted but Yujin didn't response because she didn't heard her.

I should fix myself too so I can go to school. I shouldn't be late since its first day of classes. Im excited to see my crush Kim Chaewon again hehehe. Minjoo said to herself.












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