Chapter 5

Please Teacher (anyeongz)


Ms. Ahn Yujin has started her lesson. Everyone was listening attentively but there's Wonyoung playing with her phone. Ms.Ahn let Wonyoung sit in the back because of what happen . Ms. Ahn saw Wonyoung playing with her phone so she immediately confiscated it.

Hey Wonyoung? Didn't you hear me before? I said listen attentively? But why are you playing with your phone?? Ms. Ahn said while holding Wonyo's phone.

It's not what you think ma'am, Im....Um texting my Dad!! Wonyoung replied and smiled awkwardly, What's with my excuse watdahel? What if she look onto my phone and caught me. I didn't even put a passcode. Wonyoung said quietly.

Really your dad? Can I take a peek on your phone? Ms. Ahn open Wonyoung's phone to see if she's texting her dad.

Wonyoung was having a mental breakdown right now. She's not really texting her dad. She's reading "The Tu**r* the famous GL (girs love) wa**pad among the fangirls. She's not really interested to GL but someone said that its good influence. Then she remembered that its only famous among kpop fangirls so she feels relieved. But she saw the teacher blushing after Ms. Ahn open open her phone.

W...what's with that reaction? d...does she know?? Wonyoung's  now blushing because she's embarassed to her teacher.

O...ok g..go text your f..father please hurry up so you can catch up. Ms.Ahn said. Why the is she reading my story??? its 18+ and she's only 15? I cant believe that's she's reading my story but why is she reading her rival's story? She even subscribe to my story. Does she know that EunwooMyLuvs (me) is the author of that? Every fangirls know that Im (EunwooMyLuvs) the one who write that story. Ahh I'll just ask her later. Yujin mutters to herself.

Wonyoung's eyes widened she knew why Ms. Ahn looks embarrassed.

The Tu**r Chapter 27. author "EunwooMyLuvs"

T-thank you. Now untie me please baby. Yu** said and smiled

Ahh, not's so fast baby we have plenty time to play.
 W**y***g said and hop on the bed and crawled towards the older latter who is tied up and lying on the bed.

The younger girl sat on top of her hovering Yu***. She then removed Yu** blindfold. She adjusted her blurry vision for a minute only to see the most destructive scene she saw for her entire life she almost had heart attack seeing W**y***g wearing a red silky robe.

Oh my god.....Yu*** muttered as she stare at W**y***g body.

Surprise!....W**n***g said and kiss her on the lips.....


Maybe she doesn't know. Ughhh maybe she accidentally read this part. Wonyoung mutters herself.

The class ended. It's already 6pm Everyone is leaving but there's Wonyoung reading wa**pad again.

Aren't you going home Wonyoung? It's already 6pm. Ms. Ahn ask.

Wait ma'am, Im almost finish. Wonyoung replied and reads again.

Are you reading again? Ms. Ahn ask.

Yes. Wonyoung replied but then she remembers what happen what happened before. I-Its not what you think ma'am Im not reading the same one before!I just accidentally click it. Wonyoung replied. She seems embarassed.

Ms. Ahn walks towards where Wonyoung is sitting. Ms. Ahn sits on Wonyoungs table and cross her legs.

So do you like stories like that? Yujin ask and smirk.

Ughh she's to close. what's with those seductive eyes? Wonyoung thinks. I....I told you it's just an accident Wonyoung smiled Awkwardly.

Accident? Is Chapter 27 an accident? Wonyoung please stop with your funny excuses, your face tells it all. Yujin smiled and put her hands on Wonyoung's face.

I-It's not what you think ma'am....It's really an acci-

Wonyoung was about to say the same excuse but her words was cut out. The teacher kiss her lips to prevent her from talking.

Ughhh it's my first kiss and she's the one who takes it. But why is she good at this. I-I want m-more of this. Wonyoung said to herself.

Wonyoung put her hands on Yujin's waist and let Yujin kiss her.
Yujin stop for a bit.

Do you like it Wonyoung?? Yujin ask then she pulls Wonyoung close to her and kissed her again.

Yujin push Wonyoung to the table. Wonyoung was now lying on her table. Yujin start to Wonyoung's uniform.

W...what are you doing ma'am? Wonyoung ask. 

Just lie down baby. I'll make you feel good. Yujin said and start kissing Wonyoung's neck.

Ughhh what is this. It feel so in good. Wonyoung said then she moaned when she felt Yujin's hand on her P**** (author's note: WTF AM I WRITING???)

Yujin is now on top of Wonyoung but someone knock on the door.

Is there someone here? The school is going to close soon and please dont leave any appliances open, please turn off the lights Thank you. The guard said and leave.

Wonyoung accidentally push Yujin due to panic Yujin is now siiting at the floor because of the strong force she gets from Wonyoung, Luckily The guard didn't enter the room. 

Uh...Im so sorry ma'am I didn't mean too. Wonyoung snap back at reality. She didn't notice the time because of what Ms. Ahn did. Wonyoung immediately fix her uniform and get her bag. I'm sorry ma'am I gotta go. Wonyoung leave the room immediately

What the hell I almost rap*d her,but it seems she likes it tssk stupid guard . How do I face her tomorrow? Yujin sighed she is now preparing her things so she can leave too.

Hi guys Im sorry if my grammars are wrong. Please leave a comment if there's a problem. For those who read chapter 1-4 thank youuuuu! I really appreciate it. Im getting cringe on my own story what the HAHAHAH I'm so sorry I'm not really good at those stuffs and Im still young you know? There's a part on this chapter that Wonyoung is reading a wattpad. Actually the authors name is not "Eunwoo my luvs" Its "jobless_gaysh*t" and the title of the story is "The tutor" again Thank you for reading. By the way Im going to copy this on wattpad. Same title and same author name so please support me.

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