Chapter 1

Please Teacher (anyeongz)

I am Jang Wonyoung, 15 years old fangirl and spazzer.

Let's see how many likes did I get on this photo....Oh my weak heart he's so handsome, I want to touch his abs, I want to buy him but my father won't allow me :(  Is he that expensive? Is 10 Billion won isn't enough? (8,658,758.30$)

Her head was about to explode cause she really wants Cha *** Woo that badly but her father won't allow her. Why can't I buy him, my father is acting strange lately. What happen to him? What did he eat? Hmmmm Why can't I buy my idol? What if someone seduce him what if he got himself a girlfriend? What will i do? Ughhhh oh my daddy I mean Cha *** Woo.

Since Jang Wongyoung is a spazzer many fangirls and fanboys are sending her some friend request. So she look on her friend request for to accept all of them, she's not snobber so she accepts anyone who sent her friend request as long as they're willing to react on her post, but one of them caught her attention.

Isn't this my rival? Why did she sent me a friend request? Hmmm... I smell something fishy.







Sorry If i got wrong grammar......This is my first time making a story so If there's a problem just comment below so I can Fix it. My phone is about to die so I'll stop here sorry If I only write a little. This is now available on wattpad

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