I'm so proud of you. You looked amazing earlier. Stunning”. He continued. Bom snuggled her face on his chest, little did he know she is crying.


My second TOPBOM story. ♥


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Chapter 1: Aaaaah I love this...altho a bit late...huhu...sorry i was busy busy busy
I'm just warm all over...im just sad how things turn out for both our couple these few years but im happy they overcame it anyhow and stayed strong BB and 2ne1 forever!
maryetta01 #2
Chapter 1: Awww I absolutely love this ❤️
Chapter 1: my feels~ thank you, author-nim <3
Chapter 1: Oh my GOD........ I miss them so much. Thank you for making a story about topbom again
Topspring #5
Chapter 1: Topbom is sailing!!!!
Chanbinuwuuwu #6
Chapter 1: Thissss thank you!!!! My TOPBOM heart... so sweet and just perfect. The good old days... what we all need right now. Thank you once again please keep writing.
Chapter 1: Ohhhh my topbom heart is crying!!! I miss reading this stories...a lot of writers had abandon topbom stories without finish them...so i hope you can write a lot