“I'm home!” her husband welcomed himself at their apartment. Placing his shoes at the cabinet just behind the door leaf, he marched inside their home. The smell of kimchi stew draw him in, his senses guide him to where the smell originates which tend to be his wife's favorite part of the house– the kitchen. That spot was like her little sanctuary. From the can-opener to refrigerator, it was all her liking.


His wife turned to face him. Her silky hair falling just right her shoulder, her favorite multicolored polka apron that oddly matches their white marbled counter.. and her face only wearing thin masscara and a tint on the lips that invitingly smiled at him. Everything seems to be perfect. Their relationship is perfect.


Seunghyun's wife enveloped him for a tight and homey hug before pressing her plump lips on his own. With a warm smile, she looked at him before vocally greeting him home. She loosen his necktie before guiding him to sit down. The grocery bag was now placed on the kitchen counter.


“You came early than expected. I'm not yet finished cooking the stew... but it'll just simmer then the table will be ready. Are you hungry?” She served him a glass of water which he took immediately.


“You look beautiful wearing an apron, Bom.” He then compliment her look, placing down the glass on the table as he fully admired how his wife looked. She never failed to be presentable whenever he came home from work. And truly it is, no man haven't dreamed witnessing the woman of their life preparing food for them. Just like his mom when he was younger.


“Was that another term confirming your hungry stomach?” Bom gave a soft chuckle before drawing near him. She cupped her face and pecked again his lips. “Thank you. I feel confident doing what i love, for the man whom i gave my heart.”


“I love you too” Seunghyun sealed in, his gaze never leaving his wife's. And his lips curved into a contented smile.





The couple enjoyed their dinner together. She made the dishes and left the kitchen sleek and clean before she attend her husband who is now freshen up, sitting comfortably on their sofa. The cable channel playing a random chinese movie in which somehow Seunghyun's attention was snatched.


“Look who got hooked at the movie?” Bom sat down beside him, with all smile as she tuck herself on his left. Her nose sniffs his neck as it smelled exactly her favorite strawberry soap. She chortled on how he looked very musculine he carry himself, but it'll crumble down when he followed what her likings are. The very little ones is the one he chose to do, and luckily he sticks to it– most of the time. Just like how he choose to use her bar soap when he can use his own.


“You smell gay and i love it!” She added before cupping his cheek to make his etes shift towards her. The strawberry scent which is her favorite defines her as she embody the sweetness of a character.


“You filled up my stomach very well, how about a small compliment to my wife?” He returned to her. His warm and big hand which was placed on her shoulder moved, the end of his fingers glide onto her smooth like a baby's skin. Her plump lips winced a small smile in appreciation. Bom doesn't want to drop his current mood but she was very concious how he came home and wore a tired self earlier. And his picture earlier gain her curiousity.. and concern.


“Your aura was worn-out when you came home. What happened? How's your work? Did you close the deal with the developer?” She asked inquisitively. In almost everyday being a dutiful housewife, Bom never forget to inquire the events her husband had on his work. Her mom thought her to be a personal journal of her future husband, let him breath out his thoughts to you after his day at work and it will work magic. Magic in a sense that, you will exceed a service-led wife. A simple “how are you” will do. Her mother's words was definitely right and Seunghyun opened up and talked about the situation at work. He tend to heave a tired sigh although it was immediately erased by a thin smile.


They chatted through the early evening while cuddling each other on the soft couch, like it is their love nest.




And, that's what they called perfect until everything starts to crumble down...






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