Surprise Visit!


It is his free day from mandatory service and where should he spend his free day to,
or with whom will he spend it? 




Aren't i dreaming? I almost squeal knowing who ringed me a message. Kissing the largest moomin stuffed toy i have, gathered myself and jump one last time before banging my door open and exclaimed "wait" even though he won't be hearing — sorry, i am beyond excited!




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Chapter 1: So sweet~ It felt real. Thank you!!!
Chapter 1: so cuteeee! finish it juseyooo
Chapter 1: Waaa good story...... it would be better if you could give us closure how this story end. Because I think that this might not finish yet, am I right?
adejesus08 #4
Chapter 1: It felt so real, like something that would actually happen. Beautiful.. thank you for this <3
Chapter 1: Your first story was pretty good and it felt real. ^^
zigzag06 #6
Chapter 1: Its not lame!! Love that it feels realistic!