Baby I Miss You

Surprise Visit!

Another day passed, i huffed in free air. No schedule for me today. After a couple of recording for the last 3 days, my friend also who acts as my producer gave me a day off from the studio. What a breather. I seize my little moment as the sun ray hit my face, indicating that my freedom from work starts now. 

I have been lying on my bed for an ample of minutes staring at the ceiling with my hands on my stomach when my phone buzzed, shifting my weight to the right, i picked my phone up from the other side of the bed and checked who had their time to pop a message to me this morning.

               [ I'm downstairs, i prefer a welcome

                 hug and kiss. i love you. ]

Aren't i dreaming? I almost squeal knowing who ringed me a message. Kissing the largest moomin stuffed toy i have, gathered myself and jump one last time before banging my door open and exclaimed "wait" even though he won't be hearing — sorry, i am beyond excited!

Without checking my self in the mirror i rushed down the first floor–passing by my mom and dad having their morning chat at the living area, giving them a cheeky smile before i walk through and attend the main door. Perhaps they knew exactly who my visitor is.

A visit from him as of the moment wasn't restricted but is limited. That's why i am thankful today that he decided to spend his free day to me, of all people he can spend the time to. And lucky enough my schedule matched with him. Although i'd be apologizing for later that i didn't take my bath early as i will be wasting atleast thirty minutes of our time together in the bathroom. But who knows that time will be wasted?

Ah, i can't stop myself from smiling.

So much thoughts and excitement consume me that i mindlessly opened the door, starred at this handsome man infront of me for God knows how long i noticed his lips jolted up left followed by his deep baritone voice faking a timid cough.

“I'd be going back to work then.” Oh don't you loose that confident yet teasing smile and...

“Ah really, why are you that handsome?” Did i blurted it out loud? Tell me no? Oh, no.

“I won't be unless you'd let me stand her until my time's up.” If you only knew how much i missed those lips, Seunghyun-ah.

Regaining back my conciousness, his words earned a playful slap from me. I immediately yanked my arms on his shoulders and hugged him tightly as i felt my eyes burning from tears as if i haven't seen and felt him for a long time. I whispered “i missed you” with my voice shaking before a nerved laugh escaped my throat. I chastely kissed his jawline before looking back at his gorgeous face. How much i adore this man infront of me. I can't even scale.

My quick shift of mood made his laugh. And in return he pecked my forehead long enough to reflect the same degree of longing i had for him, his arms around me pulling me into a tight hug. His warmth.

I felt his hand on the back of me as i guide him inside, his other hand carrying a boquet and box of wine. I knew my mom would appreciate that he remembered her favorite hydrangea and calla lilies– a combination of dark pink miniature calla lilies with lime green hydrangea since she's into believing certain things help people and their health, zen quality perhaps? And for the wine i really have no idea other than reading ‘1985’ and ‘Chateau’.


I lead the way to my parents whose now standing from their seat to greet Seunghyun, my mom gave him a homey smile while my dad shared a curt nod before asking him if he had eaten. No, we don't have much time dad! My man greeted them by bowing down before handing my mom her boquet then to my father with the expensive box of wine he had.

It wasn't too obvious that my parents loved what they have recieved. My heart fluttered knowing he purposely remembered what the likings of my parents are.


We spent around twently minutes as Seunghyun had a small how-are-you's with my parents. Kindhearted and unignorant he was, he bat a no to me when i declined my parents' invite for him to have a breakfast. I just want to spend all the time alone with you, big man! Seunghyun and i then thread our way upstairs to my bedroom to have our time together, to catch up or to just lay in bed next to each other counting every exhale and inhale we do or... just anything! I missed this man so much.

“Sorry i decided to see you only now.” The man honestly shared and he continued “I had so much in my hand i don't want to show up with carrying some problem”. I know my love, i am also is a burden my self.

Seunghyun enveloped Bom and heave a deep sigh plunging his nose on her locks then pecked her temple. His voice reverberate a musky “i missed you so much” before pulling away, staring at her bare yet angelic face. 


They sat next to each other on her couple seat, his arm linked on her shoulder and her back is on his chest. The couple spend their time catching up just about everything, from how Seunghyun enjoyed guiding the children into making a pot at the museum, to him paint brushes on blanb

“I have Scotty working on my album. Everything is still being worked on... supposedly late November but i hope it will not be pushed back again". The woman gave full hopes with her tone.

“I.. i hope you're doing good at Yeongsan. I can't simply visit you even if i wanted to". She peaked at him and caught him staring at the Jeo Yeoran's painting atop on her bedside table.

“Everything's fine. I'm used to the fans filming me from time to time.” He was caught off guard when she fully shifted her body and is now facing hin directly, her one leg curled up while the other dangling on his right leg.

With enthusiasm, Bom blurted out what she saw on Instagram a couple of days ago. On contrary, Seunghyun gazed at her excitement while delivering out her story. “Oh oh, i saw your updates using Mark's profile. Ah you look like a fool using those animation. But aren't you?” the lady exclaimed and laughed, his craziness shoots up sometimes. However she changed expression as she remember how others might perceived his availability of using social media.

“Shouldn't you be careful? It might be published on local media.. you kn–”

“You worry to much. It's fine. I just felt that fans also wants to hear something from me. Mark volunteered his account.” He locked some of her hairstrand on her ear and smiled not ignoring those blood circulation tape sticked on her earlobe and the side of her neck. One of her daily health staple she has. He missed how she applied those tapes on his ears and neck whenever he complained of not feeling well before. Without any say, he extend his head and sniffed her neck and nape before whispering “smelled sour in here” which earned a slap from her. Seunghyun chortle in amusement at her reaction– scrunched nose, eyebrows were frowned and her arms folded infront of here. 

“I didn't knew you'd be visiting me! Scotty gave me this day, i have no plans. You should've relayed your plan of surprising me to Mark, then” she rolled her eyes and locked her arms infront of her. He then noticed she was wearing the pajama he gave to her as a gift from three years ago. An Olivia Von Halle Laurent ivory-washed silk pajama that supposed to matched his navy washed one of the same brand – their ‘couple jammies’.

Bom noticed what she was wearing also and defended herself. Raising her right palm infront of him, she began “Hey! Excuse me, i pulled this out last night because this one's comfy! Ah, really are you thinking that i was destined to wear this today like who knew you'd be crashi–” the nagging was halted as Seunghyun moved foreward and touched his lips on her, silencing the furious woman. He pulled away and mumbled, “I know you missed blabbing infront of me” then he pulled in again for another chaste kiss, which turned into a sweet play of their tongues.

Bom wanted to protest but she does not plan on spoiling their only moment and so she didn't pulled back knowing how much she missed his lips and his love. He knew too well how to make his woman quiet, he bat in his tongue after her lower lip, smoothly sliding inside her cavern wondering her flavor, Bom did follow and glide hers with him, occasionally tugging his upper lip as if telling him whatever he is up, she is up into it as well.

Seunghyun pulled back and cupped her cheek before pecking her lips one more time. Staring at her face while she flutter her eyebrows towards him, face showing both teenage giddy and scheyness.

They're no longer in their twenties however the woman still felt that race in her heart whenever he pulled off some antics he has to swept her feet away. Bom flicked his forehead before giving out a chuckle.

“Ahh! What's that for?!” Seunghyun acted like that flick did really hurt him, nursing his forehead.

“Ehh~ What's that fer~” Bom childishly sarcast the man and grab both his cheeks and showered him kisses, from the point of his nose to his cheeks, cheekbones, his thick eyebrows, his forehead then down his chin and jawline and his lips while mumbling ‘i miss you's’ and ‘i love you's’ in between.

Bom gaved a wholehearted smile as she linger her eyes on his. One more year before his service will end, it might be short for a lifetime but long enough to miss him and everything about him.

“I missed you more. You know i can't be with you everytime you need me for another year but i hope nothing will change. You know i love you. My duty might not be heavy as Jiyong's and Yeongbae but missing you everyday burdens me.” His voice deep and soulful, while straightly looking at her in the eye, his hand clipping hers. He guide one on his lips and kissed the back of her palm.

“Don't think of me too much, i'm perfectly fine with my service at the museum. Although, I am still hoping no more news would be published against me. I don't want you or mom worry about me” He sighed. “And to yours as well. Enjoy your recording, i know and i can trust Scotty handling you perfectly. He knows what he'll gonna have if it didn't turned out well”. And with that Seunghyun lightly cackled. She knew he was just mocking on the last that he said.

“I will. Please take care of yourself, i didn't missed that crutches on Mark's video the last time.. also Niel's.” With a hint of worry, Bom replied her reminder to her man.

He hummed in response and pulled her for a hug, a tight one. With all the carefree dimension they have, inside was a torn and tired one. They exactly know how media perceives them the next time they'd be mindless of their enviroment.

“Should i bath you or join you instead?” His husky voice played while cocking up his eyebrow, knowing Bom would understand his teasing. The woman pulled up immediately securing her front from him, playing an act and shake her head. “Seunghyun!!!” she exclaimed and run to her bath room. She knew how much she stinks and a quick bath would give her justice from his teasing.

The man shook his head again from her cute little acting, completly ignoring the fact that this one is on her thirties. It didn't reflect either, both on how she looks and act– no, it doesn't look childish, she can still pull being cute. And besides, being serious all the time can aged a man quickly.

“Take your time. I have until tomorrow to spend with you” he assured before standing up and roam on her four walls, he moved towards the floor to ceiling window and pulled open the large curtain- allowing the sun to lit her room.

Bom peeked at the edge of her bathroom door as if not hearing what he said correctly. “Really?? Wow, i should thank your department head for giving you this day off from the service!!” Oh how she wished spending the entire daylight and dawn with this man.

He turned his back and see her giving Bom a confirmatory nod and added, “Hmm.. that's why dress in a nice one. We'd be eating steak and wine”. Seunghyun scoffed before marching forward towards where she was as conquering the bath area.

“Ya! Stop right there! I can bathe myself! Stop teasing me, how can i be done with this!” Bom exclaimed before closing the shower door and starts to freshen up herself. No, no teasing please. Let's make this morning a smooth one.


On the other hand, Seunghyun played it cool and shook his head “Is she an eighteen year old girl?” he mumbled with a hint of disappointment. Of course, he was only teasing but can't a peak not be granted? The man retreated and sat on her cushion instead and decided to check her phone and watched every single photo and video she recorded while waiting for her to be done cleaning herself up.








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