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Hi Everyone!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I use my crowdfund donations. I've been fighting cancer for over seven years!  My drive to fight has kept me alive! I love writing and I enjoy entertaining readers with my stories! I am a romance writer, and I believe in love!  Love is the answer to finding happiness. But first you must love yourself and loving yourself means you have to take care of youself!  The best you, is a healthy you!  When you're at your best, you can give your best to others, and that includes love!  So I ask that you do me a favor if you can, donate when you can. Your donations will help me continue to take care of myself! To fight cancer is very, very, expensive and to eat the healthy foods that will help me to fight cancer is also very expensive, and to take the vitamins I need on the daily is also very expensive. But $1 can go along way in helping me to supplement my own funds toward striving to stay healthy and alive!  Trust me, I will do my best to continue to provide all my readers with stories that are intriguing, romantic, excitement and realism! Your $1 will be going to a great cause and will assist me to stay here on AFF while I continue everyday to fight cancer! 

Thank you! 

It's story time!

About Me


 Michele here! I'm better known as AFFOfficialahjumma! I have been on AFF for seven years!  I have written currently a variety of  100+ stories, with more on the way!  They are about a wide range of K-pop stars and Kdrama actors with varying themes.  I love K-pop music, and I am interested in a variety, so one of my stories might be about your bias!  I want to continue to provide great content, and with your support and assistance, I can do that. How may you assist? Sign up for my AFFOfficialAhjumma's Crowdfund! Secondly, I'm always trying to improve and grow! So I have thus far published two books on Amazon that are listed below! I also have new and revised AFF books that I have published on Kindle Vella for my readers to continue to enjoy the stories and books I have written! They are listed with a link for your reading pleasure!  


*I have new edited books available in Ebook at Amazon for only .99 cents! "A Shift In The Wind"  or "He Loved Me, Despite Me."  


He Loved me, Despite me by [Michele Smothers]

I also have produced books on Kindle Vella that bring you stories released one short episode at a time!  I have four exciting books available at and in the Kindle app. To make it convenient for my AFF readers, whom I dearly love! I've provided a link so you can easily access the books I have published! Please check them out, and I look forward to your continued support!  Love Ahjumma!  <3


1.) Eastern Embrace - B09BBP1M9S

2.) It's Got To Be Her -B09D9YB7VW

3.) Endless Nights -Quiet Storm - B09RP1LX3N

4.) Forbidden Petals - B09WCT1HQW