You discovered me


Being discovered and put in the limelight came with perks!  But how will you deal with all the drawbacks?


One shot feels


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Chapter 1: I hear you, we got to get better at upvoting, and give comments. Now I will read one of your stories.
jjbrownsugga #2
Chapter 1: Hi there. I just discovered you...hehehe. It's a play on words, but it's true. I am guilty of being one of the many silent readers that authors encounter. I'm a yunjae/jaeho fan-which is how I just discovered you today. I have limited time so I don't read other stories, but I saw your title while looking through your stories, and this one drew me in. I'm not as silent as I was when I first started reading 2 years ago, but I still am. The reason was; it was be intimidating when you read other's long interesting comments, and you just want to say thank you for the update, or nice story, or nice update. It makes your reply seem boring and dull. Then readers became bashers and would want to take over the author's stories, and it can became rather unpleasant. That caused me to comment more to defend the poor authors. I tend to send private PM's. As for the upvoting, if I enjoy a story I upvote it. But there was a time I couldn't upvote. First I was told it was because I didn't have enough Karma points, then I was told it was because of my email address. So sometimes people may want to upvote but can't. I tried to go back to all the stories I read to later upvote them but I'm sure I forgot some. I do agree about the difference in subscribers/comments/upvotes. When I first started reading AFF I was clueless about what it all meant and how it worked. I'm sure others are too. I applaud you for staying with us.
Chapter 1: i think a lot of authors out there can relate to this...and it's kind of sad, don't you think? it's the same with really talented writers with great ideas that never get recognized or discovered because they're not up there in the list of well-known authors... well how can they be if there's no support?
how can you know that your readers liked your stories if they don't voice their opinion? how can someone know if the ff was good if there's just one comment out of many many views.
It's disappointing but we have to do our best and continue to enjoy our passion despite the few drawbacks ^^
I feel the exact same way and it is a harsh reality of being a writer, especially on Asianfanfics. I hope you keep trying and know that at least one person supports and understands you. :)