Secret Maneuver (Asian Love)

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Secret Maneuver.  Featuring Doh Kyungsoo of Exo!  His life changed over one little secret. But one secret leads to another, then to betrayal, deception, and envy. The secrets became real and begin to unravel life as Kyungsoo knew it.  Now he's discovering who he really is and what he wants out of life. And it all started with one little secret. Find out how Kyungsoo's secrets made him tough enough to decide if he should serve or protect the one he loves.  Subscribe Now to "Secret Maneuver." A soldier's love story you won't be able to stop reading!


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Hello Dearies! 

Here's another superb slow burn Exo short romance story! There are countless stories here on AFF about Kyungsoo and Jongin. But this is different! This story will take the time to show you how a connection develops between two people. There is a bromance, sizzle and intriguing drama. It is written in a way that feels real to the reader which will touch the depth of your emotions. Secret Maneuvers is one you must Check out and see if love can cover a multitude of secrets!   I know you will be fascinated with every chapter revealing more and more of the real Kyungsoo!  


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BlkGirlMagic #1
Chapter 1: So you can't read the full story unless you donate?
Chapter 17: This is such a beautiful story! I can see why Kai is jealous and try to break them up! Lol Keep up the good work!
Chapter 11: I'm so happy you brought back Secret Maneuvers! I do understand why you needed a break, it so sad that readers make your job harder by not being willing to share a brief comment when your work really deserve it. I hope you get a boost to keep going and know I'm enjoying this story so much! Thanks for it! :D
Chapter 9: Emotional, emotional!!! When you come from this protective environment like Kyungsoo where your sheltered from everything it gets hard and I can only imagine how hard Kyungsoo had it and had to end up defending himself. I know keeping a relationship going is tough. I can't wait to see what happens with Sydney. I hope more readers comment. Your so cool ahjumma.;)
YoongisNostrilHair Aug 11, 2020 18:53:39

Hello, I'm really enjoying it by the way, keep up the good work :)
Chapter 7: This secretive Kyungsoo I am loving! He's hot in his mysterious way. I can see he has an issue with Jongin and I can't wait to see what that is all about! Your doing awesome girl you know I love your work! :D I'm loving this story! Keep going its almost military time, whew I'm nervous for him and Sydney!
lilykizaki #7
Chapter 7: OMG wow
so unexpected
this is kinda plot twist where our squishysoo became manly and bold eh
Nothing do with Jongin... I'm sorry I laughed
this trip really made him became a different person which is a wow
he'll be leaving for military then, what would happen to their ldr?
Cute_Squishy Aug 4, 2020 12:19:14
I absolutely love your story and cannot wait to see how the plot line unfolds. Keep up the good work! <3
anilec Aug 5, 2020 13:15:35
AFFOfficialAhjumma :) I am excited for the next update to see what happens next:)
Mhara_1218 Aug 7, 2020 6:20:13
Hi :) i loveeeee your story. Keep it up! ♥