Personal Message

Hi! My name is Des—.
I hope we can get along. Apologies for the random friend request.
I either saw your username on one of the stories
i am reading or i am a fan of your writing who have courage
to add you– one great author as my ‘friend’.
And yes, i'm into top&bom.
Been a fan since 2009.
and... oh i am into Darahae too! ✨✊

About Me

am a 96liner. I  am a 2nd generation kpop fan. I knew kpop because of Wonder Girls and Super Junior.

Then i fell in love with BIGBANG & 2NE1.

My first bias was Taeyang but i got snatched by TOP.

Bias wrecker is Seungri. 🤧✨

Forever a Bomshell 🌽

I listen to 2nd gen kpop songs. I am not that updated with the current groups.

Well, currently i am into SUPER JUNIOR and Lee Donghae too!
Did i say i love Lee Donghae?!