"Bom, are you ready? Today will be a long day but we will make it. Are you excited?" my manager, Scotty Kim asked me while our hairstylist settle my brown extended hair. I am looking at him through the large mirror infront and flashed a thin smile at him.


"Ah, i know you're nervous but this is a very long wait. For us, your you and for your fans. You'll be blooming." Scotty continued, assuring Bom.


Bom took a deep breathe and bought up her hand and formed it into a fist and pump in on air. “Fighting!”





Everything is set up. The stage, the press, the dancers, the crew, everything is pumped up for the press performance or the media release of Bom's new single, Spring. Her friend who also is her assistant as well as her make up artists scrolls down the web to check the news bout Bom's comeback. Bom noticed her smiling while jotting something on her large phone screen. Her friend met her gaze and smiled widely. “Ah, don't worry. Most of them are leaving good comments. I'd leave one too.”


“What.. food?”


“Ani. G-good. Good comments” Both of them laughed at the misheard word by Bom.


Bom is now standing at the side, steps away from where the press will be sitting. Looking around, she suddenly doesn't know how to feel. It has been years since she did this thing. Make up. Rehearsal. Comeback. Let alone being a solo artist on stage. Another deep breathe escaped her lungs. “Ah, jinjja. I don't really know what to feel. My heart is beating fast.” Bom placed a hand on her chest as she breath. Just as she is about to turn, her phone, which is she is clasping on her right hand buzzed. A buzzed that is specifically assigned to her important one.



[ You can do it, babe. I'll be watching over. I love you. (Will sneak around as possible to see you perform live). ]


[ I wanna see you right now but i wanna surprise myself too. ]


[ Ah~ I can't wait. Can you please send me a photo? ]



As a crybaby Bom is, tears form on her eyelids and is about to destroy her eye make up. She bucked it up with a small laugh as she re-read his texts messages. This guy.. risking himself just to contact me. She thought to herself.


Bom then send a photo of her self, angling her face sideways with long eyelashes defining her eyes and her signature bangs and doll eye contacts on. Adding a short text under the photo.


[ Nothing new, babe. Look at me all nervous. Huuug me please! ]



Her boyfriend replied as soon as she noticed which made her paint a smile on her pouty lips.


[ I would love to kiss that pout later. Do well, my beautiful. I'd be keeping my phone now. Nothing is too risky for you. ]



“Crazy Seunghyun. Aigoo, really~” Bom shook her head feeling giddy all over. She went back to the dressing room, greeting almost all the staff that she passed through. 



“Bom unnie, fighting! D-nation, fighting! We can do it! Fighting! Fighting! Fighting!!” The second main producer cheered to hyped everyone one. In 2 minutes she will conquer the stage she longed for years, she will be singing her heart out, she will be under the spotlight, her talent will be out... once again.





“Everybody congratulations! You did all well today! Thank you, thank you! The song is steady climbing its way on the charts! Good news, right? We had a very long day but again, you did well.”


The staff and producers cheered happily. Bom is tearing up while Scotty continue his speech.


“I hope tomorrow morning Bom's song will be up on the charts. We hope to have the first spot but being on the top 10 from the general public is a very good sign. We are recieving performance guestings. Keep yourself up. I would want to have a congratulatory dinner but i guess chicken and pizza is the best, right?” The main producer and the company's CEO added. Scotty raised his hand with a glass of sparkling water and asked for a toast from everyone. The cheer continues while some happily munched their pizzas.


Bom stood up as everyone attend their food. Wiping the side of her lips, she started her thank you speech to the staff. She then cleared ..


“Thank you guys. You are all the best. To be honest, earlier i didn't know what to feel. Everything seems surreal and i felt like dreaming. We've been behind for months but finally we were able to perform on stage.” She cut her speech and turned to her loyal friend, Scotty and laid her hand on his shoulder.


“Scotty, thank you. Thank you for believing in me. I'm old enough to retire but you pulled me up and told me things to regain my confidence. You stood up with me on the stage, answered all of t-their questions.” Her voice cracked and she is on the verge of crying. Bom sniffed and waved her hands as the staff chuckled at her reaction.


“Ah, i said i will not be crying. Omo~ Uhm.. o..okay i'll continue.” Bom lightly hit Scotty's arm who is also laughing.


“I hope we can make it good to the rest of the promotional days. Chart or not, but please pray for us to be on charts! Let us keep the ball rolling! Fighting to us! It will be on me tomorrow, okay! Just tell me what you guys want.”


And.. another roar of laughter and cheer resounds the hall.




The black van pulled up over Bom's house, she was personally sent home by Scotty and the second main producer. Bom bids goodbye to them, thanking them for the long day as well as reminding them to take good care on the road.


“You too, Bom. You did really well today. We're proud of you. Have a good rest.” The second main producer replied. Scotty flashed a reassuring smile before he the engine and drive off, leaving Bom on the spot.



The lady almost jumped out of her body when a man suddenly appeared beside her. Was she deep in thoughts... but the car just went off. Was he a repor–



“It's deep at night and you're still beautiful. You did amazing, babe.” The tall man with the very familiar voice buzzed. Bon is about to faint from that sudden appearance good thing it is her man. Without any ado, Bom stepped forward and clamp her arms around his body, burying her face on the space on his neck. After a tiring yet fulfilling day, this place right infront of him- whom arms were wrapped over her, is the place where she will call it a day.


Seunghyun placed a deep kiss on her head, sniffing her signature fragnance. Peach scent. It reminded him of the set she had on her stage performance. Flowers and leaves. Like how Spring is. Blooming.


“I'm so proud of you. You looked amazing earlier. Stunning”. He continued. Bom snuggled her face on his chest, little did he know she is crying. Her voice resounded and is broken because of her crying. Lifting her face up, her doll eyes and pointy nose was revealed before him.


“Why are you always surprising me. My emotions are not ready, you fool. I'm ending up crying! Ah jinjja~” The lady punched his chest before breaking a cracked laugh. Seunghyun tapped Bom's nose before placing a light leck on it. He too, laughed witnessing the surprised and little nagging she had. He missed her, so much. His arms tightened around her body, hugging her for what seems like a lifetime.




The couple made their way up on Bom's room, both of them on their matching night dress. They are now sitting on her two-seater nest while staring at the full view window she has on her room. Borh of them watching the dark sky which has a countless of flickering stars, twinkling infront of them. Bom is lying on his chest as Seunghyun lean on the white couch. His arm were enveloped on her shoulder to her waist, his fingers running circles on top of her night dress. Maybe, as you grow older, the serenity of the night sky with your loved one is keeping you at peace. Gone were those night life nights and the quietness is somehow fulfilling them.


“Are you happy?” Seunghyun asked, oh how she missed those deep and hoarse voice. Bom nodded before turning her face towards him. The dim light from the lamp and the shine that is being eluminated from the moon makes him as gorgeous as ever. Who said he looks like Edward of Twilight? No? She then pecked his cheek as she bring her palm over to touch his soft cheeks. Her thumb caressing his flawless skin, to her nose and lips.


“I'm happy that you were able to sing again. I know and feel how much you loved the stage. Congratulations, baby.” His lips move and her puffy eyes where watching its every gape. Perfect.


“I know there's a lot of going on with your group, but i am hoping everything to turn out well and watch you guys perform as well. I'm excited to cheer for you, too.” Bom responded and snuggled even closer. Why does her strawberry scented body wash fits perfectly on his skin? How can he be so damn fragrant?


“It was brave for Scotty guy to be on stage and answer those questions for you. How does it felt?” Seunghyun brought his hand and rake his soft hair before twirling his finger on it.


“Mm... i realised i am more confident talking about my medication knowing that people are more open about it. I am beyond glad to have Scotty back me up. He's so helpful.” Aside from being his loyal CEO, Scotty is more of a best of friend towards Bom. He supported her all through out. Bom comfortably confessed everything from the beginning of the drug scandal she had way back 2010 until it was brought up again causing her group to disband. Only few people knew the truth, of course one of those is Seunghyun.


“I'm so glad i have them, now. The team is very supportive and i can only thank them enough. I'm... so happy. I am overwhelmed. It is a long wait yet it is so fulfilling.” Bom added. Her eyes were now heavy and is crying for sleep but she doesn't want to end the day knowing by tomorrow he will be working and will be away from her.


Seunghyun noticed her yawn which made him smile. She is tired but is fighting it, avoiding to doze off. He laid another kiss on her temple before he pat her waist then trace ‘I love you’s on it. He pulled her top dress just enough for him to slip his palm and touch her skin. Seunghyun tried to hum the chorus of her song which earned a sleepy chuckle from her.


“will spring come again for me

  will beautiful flowers bloom in my heart again~” The couple laughed together. Seunghyun continues to hum as he gently pat her waist, knowing anytime soon his girl will snooze off to sleep.





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