tutor me, noona!

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You're the private tuition teacher noona of the mischevious TXT boys. At first you're wary because wait, do idols even study? You have always been rather narrow-minded and turned your nose up at idols, and the thought of dating immature younger boys.

But then you realise there's a lot more to them than meets the eye, and a lot more you can learn from them than they can learn from you.




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Chapter 1: It’s been a while but just reading this part,really brought me back to when I first started reading fanfics.
Already I can tell you’re a good writer,please keep it up~^^
Sarah_exo-l #2
Chapter 4: Please update soon! ❤️
baejinyoung13 #3
Chapter 4: This story is so compelling, I hope you'll still continue it ✨❤
Yonalee88 #4
Chapter 4: This is great!
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