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Fangirl by accident, it was never planned.

My ultimate bias is Kyungsoo but Chanyeol comes a close second and I write about them, so do check my stories out if you like EXO or them!

I am always accepting fic requests since I write stories in my head every moment of my life, being a idle dreamer (♯`∧´)

About Me

To me, there's nothing quite like melancholic high notes that strike the chords of your soul, attuning your movements to the beat of a melody, the smell of freshly risen yeast, the last word of a self-written chapter, a book quote that accurately encapsulates your thoughts and emotions, perfecting the craft of mastering how the human body works in medicine and connecting and reaching out to others on a level beyond simple acquaintanceship. If you think we can be friends, PM me or comment on my stories and that can be the start of a beautiful friendship :-)