The Death of Us

The Vision | NCT Writing Contest
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Pairing: Jaemin x OC

Genre: School, Slice of Life, Friendship




He was just a boy who had always lived in fear; hiding from all the dangers and unwilling to take a risk in order to protect himself and his mother.

She was just a girl who had always been so adventurous; running back and forth from and to the harsh reality just to find the cure for her loneliness.

They thought they were enemies at first.

But then, they found out that they were the victims in their own tragedies.

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Hey guys! I haven’t forgotten about you all, I just got really sick right after winter break (and winter break was hell) so I lost some time. But don’t worry! I have most of the stories enteres judged already and the results should be up before the month ends!


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shinyao #2
Chapter 16: Any result on the winners?
shinyao #3
Chapter 16: Okay, so are you okay? Its been a couple of weeks :'(
shinyao #4
Chapter 16: Thanks for the update. Hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful holiday season!
hii i completed my story already, that extended deadline really helped phew. im excited to see how everyone did. this contest was very fun! :)))
shinyao #6
Chapter 14: Any updates ? :)
IAmMissTerious #7
Chapter 14: I'm still in shock about the news but this is what happens when everything goes too far and I hate it so much
My condolences
shinyao #8
Chapter 13: Update: Finished mine. Hope you like it. Good luck to all the contestants!
shinyao #9
Chapter 12: Oh OOP I need to write just one more extra. Although my story is finished tho hehe. Just working on extras.
Chapter 11: Since this contest had begun I’ve been desperately trying to get an idea for it and hopefully I can crank the one I have out in time!