The Vision | NCT Writing Contest
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Hey Guys,

Hope all of you make your finishing touches soon. While I won't update at midnight to close the contest (I have a midterm tomorrow first thing in the morning so I have to sleep), I will disqualify you if I see you've updated your story after the deadline. I will clean up the entries list and check off everyone who finished tomorrow after school.

This has been a really fun experience and I hope to be able to host more contests soon!

Love y'all,


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Thank you!
Hey guys! I haven’t forgotten about you all, I just got really sick right after winter break (and winter break was hell) so I lost some time. But don’t worry! I have most of the stories enteres judged already and the results should be up before the month ends!


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shinyao #2
Chapter 16: Any result on the winners?
shinyao #3
Chapter 16: Okay, so are you okay? Its been a couple of weeks :'(
shinyao #4
Chapter 16: Thanks for the update. Hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful holiday season!
hii i completed my story already, that extended deadline really helped phew. im excited to see how everyone did. this contest was very fun! :)))
shinyao #6
Chapter 14: Any updates ? :)
IAmMissTerious #7
Chapter 14: I'm still in shock about the news but this is what happens when everything goes too far and I hate it so much
My condolences
shinyao #8
Chapter 13: Update: Finished mine. Hope you like it. Good luck to all the contestants!
shinyao #9
Chapter 12: Oh OOP I need to write just one more extra. Although my story is finished tho hehe. Just working on extras.
Chapter 11: Since this contest had begun I’ve been desperately trying to get an idea for it and hopefully I can crank the one I have out in time!