The Dunkler Fluch


A mythological creatures that begin to act on their own despite having an agreement to stay hidden fron the mortal sight for the sake of world balance. What happen when Yesung, the Dunkler Fluch wesen was stuck in between two war?


Story guide.

Dunkler Fluch - Dark Curse

Wesen - Creature

Jackalope - a creature that were said to have a rabbit body with horn of an antelope. Myth said if once a hunter were fail to bound their limb, they'll attack in the most gore way.

Siren - a mermaid like creature. Use their seducing voice to lure sailor to their colony and attack them, don't know their real purpose of the attacking 

Flugel - translated 'wing' from Germany. I choose it as the name for winged creatures.

More creatures guide will be added as the story goes by.

A/N: if anyone who watching Grimm realize the similarities, it was because the word from the story was taken from old folklore and words were written in Germany. I literally Google the word creatures in Germany and it's brought me to Wesen which was used in the Grimm story. I'm big fan and had no intention to plagiarized the story as what i was writing was the old legend and myth from all over the world.

Urghhh.... There's so much error after i re-read the whole story lol. Now i understand why people got confused XD. Sorry and I'll fix it soon!


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thejesster 0 points #1
Chapter 18: Wow! That was pretty brave of you to end the story on such a final note like that lol. It was really fun to read, so thanks for the ride!

Are you going to write any more stories in this universe? I'd be interested to see more of the world expanded, especially since there are so many potential things to write about.
0 points #2
Chapter 18: Sh*t what happened in the end? They can die?
Chapter 17: This chapter is supposed to be serious but I can't stop laughing. At first, the arrival of EXO member the atmosphere is heavy but the moment they open the door that flying I mean Siwon mother vase is flying :v :v
And Yesung who unconsciously summon his relic :v
I love this chapter
1 points #4
Chapter 16: That's the real Bone crushing hug :v
'Yah Kangin you broke his bone!' I can't stop laughing :v :v
A poor our Yesung TT...TT
Loph youh story ♡♡♡♡....♡♡♡♡♡
Chapter 15: During their phone conversation ( why I always feel like Chaos will happen in any minute because of Yesung :v :v nice chapter. Not much surprise but Yesung is so kind TT.TT
Chapter 14: Naisu
Chapter 14: Well duh it's really complicated
And from the title I know this chapter is about Kangin and the opening this chapter with flying door is hilarious :v
An why kangin think it's not Yesung blood but something else.
I'm glad our snow white is still white (?)
Jaejong Vs Kangin :v my baby Vs my brat (it's like divorced couple argument :v
.I have exam this morning:v(here is still morning :v) so instead of study imma here to read fanfiction instead :v
Chapter 13: Can I curse? I wanna throw some bad words right now.
So Why Kibum saved Yesung? Is it because he want kill Yesung with his own hands or because something else. But he also torture Yesung with pain (but he also know that his injury can heal, an he sure that Yesung will not get killed with that ) And this is so Creepy
And Taemin is White witch too. And if Suho is the leader so the council member is his son (I mean EXO member? And You kill them and Poor suho TT.TT
Donghae is banned from driving
This chapter is surprised me .
Chapter 12: I'm burning with anger (don't know why) arrrgh Our Snow white become evil white witch TT..TT poor our Yesungie TT.TT
Chapter 12: I have two advices for you.
One: you don't have to write the sounds as in 'emm', 'urgh' and so on every time a character makes them. Since you're telling us what kind of sounds each character makes, you don't need to use onomatopoeia. Sometimes it'll even make the story flow better. I don't know how other readers might feel about it but to me they sometimes disturb the flow of your story, the flow of my reading. I'm not sure if I explained it well but I hope you understand what I meant.
Two: the pace of the story after Yeye fainted felt rushed. You could use '********' as a way to change it to another scene since you've used it in the story and I think it would make the transition from the scene where Yeye faints to the one where Zhoumi and Leeteuk make an appearance more fluent, smoother (I'm not sure what kind of adjective should I use here since it's been long since I wrote something myself and this kind of words just were forgotten by me already xP) and more natural. You could also write a few sentences to connect those two scenes so the second one wouldn't feel sudden and rushed.

This chapter was good as well as the earlier ones and I think we're getting close to the ending? Or Kibum might do sth to prove himself innocent and make this story longer even for a few chapters xD Ugh, I want them to catch Kibum soon before he does something much worse to Yeye. Also, I don't know if Kibum Is stopping himself from killing Yeye or what? He doesn't seem like the type who enjoys playing with his 'victims', 'targets' whatever you wanna call them. He seeks revenge but he seems like the type of person who wouldn't take too much time to actually kill. I don't know but he has that sadistic yet not cruel side in him.