The Dunkler Fluch


A mythological creatures that begin to act on their own despite having an agreement to stay hidden fron the mortal sight for the sake of world balance. What happen when Yesung, the Dunkler Fluch wesen was stuck in between two war?


Story guide.

Dunkler Fluch - Dark Curse

Wesen - Creature

Jackalope - a creature that were said to have a rabbit body with horn of an antelope. Myth said if once a hunter were fail to bound their limb, they'll attack in the most gore way.

Siren - a mermaid like creature. Use their seducing voice to lure sailor to their colony and attack them, don't know their real purpose of the attacking 

Flugel - translated 'wing' from Germany. I choose it as the name for winged creatures.

More creatures guide will be added as the story goes by.

A/N: if anyone who watching Grimm realize the similarities, it was because the word from the story was taken from old folklore and words were written in Germany. I literally Google the word creatures in Germany and it's brought me to Wesen which was used in the Grimm story. I'm big fan and had no intention to plagiarized the story as what i was writing was the old legend and myth from all over the world.

Urghhh.... There's so much error after i re-read the whole story lol. Now i understand why people got confused XD. Sorry and I'll fix it soon!
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