A Whole New World

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Two solo travellers found each other. As they seek solace from one another from their hidden pasts, they will realise that perhaps their fateful encounter meant something more.


“Let me share your world of pains, happiness, and love with you once more. I would build up your world again, a whole new world for you, for me, for the both of us.” 

“You have shown me a whole new world, and for that, I would entrust my life to you.”


Part 1: Beautiful Strangers

Part 2: In Perfect Harmony


Hi all, Fynn here, with Winter Hearths first ever Project. This story is inspired by a prompt given to me by ChaseTheSun (Jamie) and vetted through by both of my two fellow Hearths. I think the prompt given to me is pretty obvious given the title :) This story will be a two-part travelau story with both angst and fluff. 

A little bit more about this Winter Hearths and our Project. Winter Hearths is simply a small writing community formed by Wenderpul (Rawe), ChaseTheSun (Jamie) and I. We will perhaps our other member in our later projects but for now it is a snug community.  

There is no need for you guys to subscribe to the story since it is a members-only and not subscribers-only but you guys are welcomed to support us via subscribing xD I am the first Hearth to post my story up but you guys can look forward to Rawe and Jamie's work over the coming weeks. 

Credits to sadreamer for the very pretty poster + background and for being so kind to me :) I absolutely love her digital art and if you guys are looking for digital artworks, do look through her portfolio

Also credits to Jamie for giving me the prompt, A Whole New World from Aladdin. Thank you Rawe for giving me comments and for being so annoyingly adorable :)

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Jamie's fic: Let it Go

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Chapter 2: So Amazing story 💙🩷
Chapter 2: Came here to feel some deep emotions.
I miss this kind of stories rn and I miss you authors as well
ShinHye24 1340 streak #3
Chapter 2: What a plot twist omg!!
I loved this too much and i'm glad they got a second chance to love each other again, what a beautiful and sweet family with baby hanbyul :)
Irene jealousy is on another level even to their daugther 😭 thank u for this story!
Chapter 2: All the while I thought it was Seulgi who was Irene's unnamed lover XD; and that they were really just strangers who met through fate. But it turns out they go way back before. The twist is great! You got me there, authornim. I thought them knowing each other was just a dream one of them are having. To know someone and have loved that person as well, and then pretending to be a stranger to each other, I cannot fathom how much painful that would be. I was thinking that they might not end up together, but Wendy's neglect on Irene was just due to the fact that she wanted to provide the best for her lover. It's not something to be encouraged or tolerated, but at least with that they were able to rebuild a relationship much stronger than what they had. Wendy deserved that second chance.

From a heartwrenching beginning to a heartwarming ending—ahhhh 😌. Thank you once again for a beautiful story authornim! ^^
Chapter 2: Ughh...how can I get over this story.
No matter how many times I've read this, the emotions are present as ever. Beautiful, beautiful author-nim!
Chapter 2: Wow....💙❤
WluvsBaetokki #7
Chapter 2: My god this is beautifully written! Not gonna lie, I had to reread Wendy's part cz I got confused and even blurted out, "Wait... What?!?!?!" Lol. As for that slap, well Wendy did deserve it and maybe even more. Thank god Joo-Hyun loves her so much to be able to forgive her and give her another chance.

Gosh I'm still tingling from reading this. Thank you author-nim for sharing this wonderful story with us. 👏👏👏
Chapter 2: This is beautiful! So so beautiful...
The twist was executed perfectly...at least for me.
Now a fan...
Chapter 2: Beautiful story, thank you
Gowther75 #10
Chapter 2: Oh wow, the story is so beautiful as expected from you author. I thought that Irene's lover was seulgi (or another man) that's why I didn't expect that it was wendy! The twist is so unexpected since most of Irene's memory is vague. Thank you for writing ≧ω≦