SURPLUS! A Poster-Based Writing Giveaway (Everyone Wins) ║ Open for Round 3!

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A Poster-Based Writing Giveaway
• Choose a poster > write > win prizes
• About •

Welcome to Surplus! A poster-based writing giveaway!

Surplus! is back for round 3! Everyone is a winner as long as rules are followed and stories are finished.

Background: The main reason why I made this thread is because I found the graphics that I made for graphic contests such a waste after the competitions ended. You go through all that editing, sometimes not even win anything too (which I don't mind because it's all about the experience and fun), then poof! Your graphic has no use anymore. This has been a long-running idea of mine (since around 2014?) so here it is! Please help find homes for my posters.

Layout used throughout round 3 will be from the SCENTIST collection.

• Rules •

1/ Subscribe to the thread to keep up with updates.

2/ Make a blog post with a clickable link back to this thread to help promote the giveaway. Please add the #vigiveaway tag.

3/ Choose an 'Available' poster from the list here. The poster will be your prompt.

4/ Make sure to look at the graphic carefully (there may be quotes, character names, or idols already added) then write a story based on how you interpret the graphic. You may add more characters to your story if you wish.

5/ Stories have to be at least 3000+ words for it to count. Oneshots or short fics preferable.

6/ On your story, add the poster you chose as the cover. Add the name and make a clickable link back to this thread on your foreword. Please add the #vigiveaway tag.

7/ Only 1 writer per graphic. First come, first pick. You can enter up to two different stories.

8/ Do not bash anyone, plagiarize, or take credit for work that is not yours.

9/ If you have questions or concerns, drop them in the comments below. Fill out this form to officially enter.

10/ If you were a previous entrant who still has not finished your story, please tell me if you no longer have plans to continue so that I can release the poster for others to grab.

• Cheat Sheet and FAQ •

1/ I prefer reading straight fics (friendship fics are fine. No triggering or rated stories if possible.)

2/ It would be nice if you can follow the names of the characters that are already plastered on the poster (to not make it weird since it's already on there). But you're also free to not follow the character names if you wish. Most of my graphics have OCs (you can even use the idol as an OC if you want).

3/ If you wish to add more characters (which is acceptable), please refrain from using those who are no longer with us or those who have been involved in controversial scandals and/or criminal activity/allegations.

4/ Deadline to finish will be a year after you publish the story. After that, the prizes will be invalidated. However, you are still welcome to finish the story on your own time. If you think you can't finish, please tell me so that I can release the poster again to another potential writer. Also, if you've finished the story beyond the deadline, I can still read it. Just tell me when you're done and I will leave comments as I read.

5/ If you reserve a poster, you will have a month (30 days) to have the story up before it will be released again for another writer to use.

6/ As of this writing (start of round 3), there are 16 posters up for grabs. I will close the window to choose posters (for round 3) on August 1st, 2021.

• Giveaway Info •

This is not a contest, but a giveawayDepending on how I like the story, I will hand out prizes accordingly. For now, a maximum of 300kps (karma points) will be given depending on satisfaction level. More tiers may be awarded (most intruiging story, most unique interpretation, etc.) after all stories for round 3 have been finished.

You may also claim a graphic edit as a prize for completion if you wish. You can find my graphic portfolio here.

I will also be leaving comments on the story as I read along, so rest assured, your story will have at least one reader.

Oh, and completed stories (so long as they remain available for others to read), will be displayed on my portfolio together with the graphic.


• Contest Affiliates •

1/ If you're interested in fantasy and creating imaginary worlds, delve into The Realm of Imagination: A Fantasy Writing Contest.

2/ If you prefer mystery and challenges, head on to The Mystery of Life Writing Contest.

3/ Interested in interactive / choose your own adventure stories? Check out 10 Years With Exo Interactive Story Contest.

If you aren't sure what to write next and are willing to expand your writing, I suggest giving these contests a try. They may be challenging and out of your comfort zone or what you're used to, but who knows, you may have fun in the process. Check them out!

[SURPLUS!] Surplus! is back but this time, as a giveaway and not a contest! As long as the rules are followed and stories are finished, everyone gets a prize!
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