SURPLUS! A Poster-Based Writing Giveaway (Everyone Wins) ║ #Failed

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A Poster-Based Writing Giveaway
• Update
• August 6, 2021 •

TL;DR - This project failed.

I kinda expected this outcome so it's not a surprise. Anyways, Surplus! will close its doors as a giveaway with prize incentives as of this writing.

However, if you still want to give one of these posters a home, please feel free to do so! Check this page for an updated list of which posters are still up for grabs. I promise to still give it a read and a comment!

I plan(ned) to write a short story for the posters that didn't get a home, so we'll see how that'll turn out. Seems like there'll be 13 short stories (or 16 since three ongoings haven't been completed or worked on in a while). I'll probably think about this more after I finish writing for Danger (one of the posters I gave a home).

If you guys have any story ideas you want covered for a specific poster, I'd love to hear what you think.

Other than that, thank you for taking the time to check out Surplus! I will mark this thread 'Complete' for now just because I like to see my stories list with a completed sign, lol. But if I start writing for these posters, I will place them on this thread.

Have a great day and take care, everyone!

[SURPLUS!] Surplus! is back but this time, as a giveaway and not a contest! As long as the rules are followed and stories are finished, everyone gets a prize!
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