In This World


“I came here to die,” the stranger says after 10 minutes of staring into the horizon. Minseok looks at him shocked before he realizes that’s why he’s here as well. To die.


“Me too,” Minseok answers in a whisper but the wind carries the sound to the stranger anyway. When the two young men look at each other it strikes Minseok just how beautiful the other man is.


His cheeks are slightly hollow, cheekbones prominent. His jaw line is incredible, one Minseok feels slightly jealous of. His eyes, although dark in the night, show the galaxy and his dark hair, now wet, clings to his forehead. There is nothing about this stranger that Minseok doesn’t find beautiful.


“Why?” the stranger asks. 





I wanted to write a story in relation to Suicide Prevention Week because I'd seen BlackRosesTears post a blogpost about it and it is a wonderful cause. 

This story started out as frustration and venting. The original title was Tidalwave and the ocean plays a part in mimicking emotions. Out of all this ocean-talk In This World rose and even with the character death, it became a story of emotions that became very dear to me. 

If I have the chance to rewrite In This World, I might do so. Especially the ending might seem a little rushed and I understand that. I don't know what to say to that. 

Despite all that, I hope you enjoy if you decide to read. Do note that this story isn't without character death and it will be sad at some points but hopefully you'll always be able to feel new and happy by the end of it. 

This story may contain typos and grammar errors. I apologize. 

// Kim Minji





In this world

written by kim minji


           * Kim minseok
           * kim jongdae


           * xiuchen


           * angst
           * friendshp


           * terminal illness
           * character death

copyright belongs to missminew and this story must not be redistributed  or translated without my permission.









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