The new game

It's you or me
chapter 2
Me and jong kook are in great fighting spirit,after what happened in the other episode,we both got many comments.Essentially 3 types.
First.Our teammates.For exemple ahah oppa.
"Ya...i am sure that now i am finally free from you, right song ji hyo?"I shake my index finger and smirk.
"As i already said,when we are on running man,oppa is going to be my partner, always" Then as he usually does he answer me right away.I say proud of my self.
"Whose oppa?"
"?"He take a step back"Who is the oppa you are talking about?Me"He point his finger to his chest.
"Or him"Then he slowly change position and lean to the man to his right side,never leaving my eyes.I follow his indication and see the man who he was talking about.
"Aigo"I tried all day long not to get in contact with him,i feel like dying and retreating myself into a corner of the outer space but it's no use it seems,i can only use my acting skills.
"AIGOOO,oppa,don't play hard to get"
"Are you ignoring me?"Asked Jong kook oppa,and my heart almost fell out of my chest.This is pure embarrassment! I know what they want to implicate,but i only see him as an oppa! About the kiss?Easy to explain...AN ACCIDENT!JUST A DAMN ACCIDENT!!!.
I try my best not to let them notice how unconfortable i am,so i just act as i usually do.I smile.
"Why should i ignore you? Ayo,no way"
"MMM"Now i am worried,his twisted mind is surely cooking up something,this man is dangerous and a bit to perceptive to my liking.I gulp as i wait for his venomous talk.
"It was just a game why all the fuss."
"Tch,jong kook,you better stop play it safe,i know you liked the kiss"Haha oppa teased jong kook touching his muscle and sending him a knowing smile,at that jong kook tried to deny as he usually do,while smiling awkawardly.
"What nonsense" Crae what nonsense!
"Why?I mean i know quite well the way you are protective of her"
"What's wrong with that she is family right?"
"O don't give me this crap!"
"Bo?Did you say i tell crap?"Jong kook oppa became threatening to Ahah oppa.
"Ya,you should stop being so unfriendly,everyone knows about your preferences even if you deny it"Then he quickly look my way"And that goes for you too,oppa here and there,you are playing a bit too hard to get"
" are asking for a beating today"
"See!PD NIM!IF THEY ARE NOT A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN I DON'T KNOW WHO IT IS!"Everyone started to laugh and we laughed too but gosh,i was hitting my head times and times again.
"ARASSO,guys time to proceed with the new episode"The pd called us to attention but before that i noticed jae seok oppa being called by the new pd and they are still talking about something.I have no idea of the reason why i kept on looking his way,maybe because of the strange faces he made and the fact that he was serious at first,then nodded in understanding and strangely a bit of a smile came.After that he nodded again and came toward us.
"Ok guys!Everyone is finally here!.Today we will indtroduce to the odience a knew game,it can only be made by two people and the must be from different genders"At that remark kwang soo goes to the attack,"Wae?What are you inting at?"
"...Y,tell me are you out of your mind? Why are you still so idiotic,i didn't even finish to talk.Curegu,you should be happy right?"
"...Ya we are on running ma,for this show the other gender means a man trasvestite as a woman coupled with another guy,sorry if i ask!I want a woman please!"
"Tsk!,loo at this idiot.If you let me finish then you will have your partner!Ciam"After talking to kwang so in spirited way.Finally jae seok goes back to talk about the game.
"By the way,what is that paper you have in your hands?"Asked Kim jong kook oppa-
"Crae,what is it that?"ASked se chan.
"Jae seok,remember that i am a married man"In the middle of nowhere come the voice of ji seok jin,a moment of silence.
"Hyng,what does it matter?"Answered Oppa then i speak my mind.
"Oppa,i can't vouch for you if you mess up with the guests,miane"Oppa turn to look at me and say.
"I was thinking if you could help instead"
"No can do"
"AAAA,this ungrateful brat!Now that you have a man you forgot your young oppa"He shake dramatically his head"So ungrateful!"
Everyone laugh but me.I just look at him and look at him with an evil smile.
"Aigo!So trecherous"He say that while slowly hiding behind kim jong kook oppa and everyone laugh at his antics.
"Ok everyone back to topic! Today this new game is going to be this way.First,we will have our audience choose the couple and the ones to have more votes will be a permanent couple for this game from now on,arasso?"
"Fine,but who are the people the PD paired up?"Asked se chan.
"I am sure sure owu will be alone with kwang soo"Said kim jong kook oppa but his reaction was that of a little puppy angry at his mentor.
"By the way,the one who is left alone is going to be paired with a guest"
"Shut up will tou?!Or else how are we going to start the game?"I shut everyone up in one go,the only thing is that kim jong kook oppa,told my very same words in sincro with me"
"First couple is already born,yorobun spartace!"
"YA! WHAT IS THIS?"We both screamed in unison.i mean this is quite unfair right?
"Why do i need to get paired up with her?And all the time too?"He look at me and then as if to apologize he added.
"No offense ji hyo ya,but i want to be with someone else too"This scoundrel!
"Oppa,do you think il ike it?I also want to be paired up with some eye candy"I say a bit annoyed.
"Bo?"Suddenly he turn around to face me,"Some eye candy?Ya,you are already quite old you know?How can you search for younger guys?"I stare at him quite speachless.
"Omo they are fighting,they seem like a married couple"Stated haha oppa.
"Crae,this is a fact,my woman intuition tell me that oppa is jealous of ji hyo"Esclaimed exited jin seo min.
"Hyung,you should stop being a jealous man"Continued kwang soo.
"I think you shouldn't think of younger guys,mostrly because hyung will break theyr bones if he sees you with one of them"
"YA!"He roared to them all in anger"WHO IS JEALOUS OF WHO?"He used his intex finger and pointed it towards me.
"It's jus t as i said.You are old so no younger guys"
"O please!...then i will go for older guys,there are plently of men of my age"Gosh if i am gonna let him pass by me.I walk away.
"Arasso,fine back to the topic.This game will be played once every week the one who loose will be a couple for the next 3 weeks,if you want to change for the next time you have to win,so there i a way to escape this game right?"
"OMO!YES!"For once the both of us are happy and hug each other.
"We have to win so we can change"
"Crae! we are the strongest of all here!"
The PD have a devilish smile that game goosebumps,at the time we had no idea of what we will have to go trough.
"Also the way to play it is just up to our audiences,it will be a games where we got our fans to help.It will not be so simple this time"
"How so,we are so smart no one can scare us"Again his smile is giving me a bad feeling.
"It's all based to true love"
"We want for every couple to declare your love for each other,we will give you trials that will make your love blossom and who will win these games,will win the right to choose the next partner the next week"
"........."Every members in our group.
Damn it all...what did i just list to?If i want to win i have to confess and show my love for her? ji hyo?...TO HER?!!! Are they kidding me?!As for today we will end the recording with this shiking news.It was fortunate that we just finished with the old episode,so we wouldn't start right away.
"DRRRR"A phone ring tone can be heard,i know it.It's her cell phone,i look beside me and she was smiling after she saw the caller.I am curious,i mean who is she laughing to? So i walk closer.
"Who is calling you?"
"Sorry oppa,just a moment"She sent me away with just these few words...sigh.Okay,there is also this thing after we finish recording,in a way we kind of change,the silliness in our ways when we are together it's different,it's just this way,we play our characters but then in our real life we are a bit less crazy,even tought we are still a bit childish it's not what we ahoq in running man.Of course this is applaied also with the interaction between me and song ji hyo.We are more normal,we don't bicker as much,as before.In these few episodes i could see her fiercness coming to light once again.She seem to be at war with me,it went a bit too far,she wnted to win so bad that pratically...she kissed me.I never tought she would do that.I need to ask her why she is being like this...but the problem now is...what do i tell her? I mean there is this big problem about love...but i shouldn't worry too much,i am sure it would be like the same as before,find our princess and trial like that,if i know her well enough,i am sure that there is nothing so hard i shouldn't think too much
"Hello Lee Gi-Kwang!Ho are you?"Lee Gi-Kwang? He is working with her in her drama and he act as the man who is in love with her but in the end he didn't get her...poor guy. He came to work with us a few times too,it's a good boy...and young.OMO! JI HYO YA!
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