how to understand ones body language

It's you or me
It was at that moment,those few seconds,changed everything.My notion of the situations,what feellings where in the middle of it at all.How things where.from then on.I knew that everything changed.That everything changed a long time ago.
She was calling me desperately.But icould hear it only from a distance,so small,so far away.
"Oppa!"Cars where passing fast,on the road that where separating us."OPPA!"She tried to get my attention in every way possible,and i,looked her way wondering.
"What is it ji hyo ya?"I shouted,thinking that maybe she would hear me.Song ji hyo was walking a bit more on the walk way,looking my way,i could not see it properly,but i am sure that her small voice,was strange.
"Stay there!"As i was thinking it started to rain.My head was full of toughts.My choices and how i did things.Just every day life,then it came to mind that she was under the rain too.
"Ji hyo ya!"I turned around and made a step but in that precise moment she appeared right in front of me.Startling me.
"Ji hyo ya?O gosh you are completly drenched!"I quickly take off my jacket and put it on her instead.
"You small little idiot!Ya,it's raining and you are wearing so little"From her i could only hear her bathed breath,she run all trought the road to come here.But why?
"What happened?"I asked and her expression made me think.I know her too well.This girl is strong but her expression right now,made my heart ache.
"What is wrong?"I ask concerned..But then it was not the right place to talk,it was just too cold.
"Let's go.We will catch a cold or else."As i said so i hold her hand and turn around to lead her under the near building to hide from the rain.She follow me saying nothing.I have no idea of the reason why.But i felt no words come out from my mouth either at that moment.
"Finally,gosh why is is raining so hard?"I said,but the atmosphere was a bit strange.I was curious and looked back at her.Now that i think about it why is she wearing so little?"It's as if she run out of her in the middle of something.
"Ji hyo ya,lately is cold the weather,so why are you dressed with shorta today too?"But then she did not answer,but only stared at me.I remained speachless...why?Why is it so hard to talk to her now?
"What is wrong?...Why do you came running?...did something happen?"She became sad my heart jolted from the pain.She made a step closer toward me.
"What?"Iasked concerned.Suddenly she tiptoed and leaned toward me.Her eyes never left mine and i couldn't look away from her either.
"Look at me properly.As a woman.Please"He voice was slow and full of feelings,she seemed pained and then slowly her lips reached mine.This kiss,the kiss that she just gave me,is real...real?Why? what does she mean?I looked closely as she made my heart skip a beat several times.When she made our lips part ways,she looked at me for a few more seconds and then looked down.She made a few steps back.I know what she want to do.She want to leave.So she turn around and walk toward the road,while the rain hit her whole body.I run to her,even tought i am in a mess,i can't let her go under such a heavy rain. I grab her wraist to stop her and she turn around.It's cold,so much cold but her small face is completly red,it was a nistant,but i let her go, and she turned around,running toward a taxi that just stopped,she opened the door and entered it.I did not follow her,i just remain there in the rain,while i kept on remembering the moment prior to this.Her words,her touch and warm lips.
Few weeks earlier.
Song ji hyo way too happy while talking on the phone to the younger Lee Gi-Kwang.
"O! Crae, how are you doing in japan,are you having fun?"
"Yes i am about you?"
"I am fine,i just finished recording an episode of running man"
"I see.Then good for [email protected]
"Well...can you stop doing that with hyung jong kook"
"Wae"What did i do?"
"...nothing...don-t worry"His voice was a bit sad and hopless,but song ji hyo had no idea of why he was like that,either way she said good bye to her friend.
"So strange"While she was looking at her phone strangely,she was thinking of his reaction of earlier with the ending result of NOTHING.
"Ya,you can-t do that"It was all of a sudden but she got scared right after earing his strong voice beside her ear,she was so surprised she jumped back.Looking at him with a scared and surprised expression,when she realized,who it ji hyo went on with a blank expression of disbelief.
"Oppa...what the hell are you doing?"she asked annoyed.
"Ya,is that important now?"He asked back at his answer she laughed it off.
"Are you for real?You can't be right?"
"Why?What did i do so wrong?"
"Then what did i do?What is it that i shouldn't do?"As if to explain a child what she did wrong he explained.
"Ya,ji hyo ya.You are not so young anymore,you shouldn't go for younger guys,they don't like older women"After she finally understood what she meant,song ji hyo almost lost all colours in her face.
"Biccinum"She said to jong kook.
"What?"He asked with un unbelivable tone,but song ji hyo went on with her rebuke,she couldn't belive the man in front of her.
"Did you just say i am old?"She said,her voice low as her pretty voice resounded in his ears,finally understanding the big mistake he just made.So he tryed to save the situation as much as he could and placate her ire.
"No,i just said,you are older than him,not that you are old"
"That's pretty much the same you know?"He noticed her fist and so he slowly put his hands a bit higher while making one step back and smiling.
"You got me wrong...let's say he is too young?"Bu at that point song ji hyo understood his plan to flee.
"You are saying that i am old!"Scared he shouted.
"I didn't!"She went to run after him,because kim jong kook already was escaping from her,but song ji hyo was not so eager to let him leave.
"Come here!You old man!"They run around the set till they went out in the parking lot away from the set,quite far away and there was no one around.Kim jong kook was pratically made to have his back against the wall and song ji hyo who was breathing heavily finally rechoiced her victory.Her right hand made a loud sound against the space near his head.
"Camjakia!"He made a big smile as he picked at her small handand then back at her face,she was so small and pretty,but at the moment she was like a lion who eyes it-s prey.
"Now,now dear jong kook sshi,do you mind stating again what you said before?"
"Aigo...don't take it to heart,i just said what i tought,you know it right?He is so young-"
BAM!He suddenly made a jump,the sound so near to his ear was quite of effective.
"WAE? I WANT TO SCREAM SO WHAT?HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT I AM UGLY!"Jong kook was about to go crazy,it wasn't his intention at to say she was ugly,not at all.He just didn't like how she smiled with that boy on the phone.That's why he said those wprds,there was no intention in saying she was ugly.
"I know that wasn't my intention at all.Calm down now ji hyo ya ok?"His thone gentle,exactly the one he uses to convince her to be his partner every time he need her.She smile like a devil.
"You...digged your own grave.NOW RECEIVE MY WRAT!"At that point she used her own two hands to give the attack of his life,tickling his body everywhere.Usually he isn't someone who is ticklish but song ji hyo know him all too well.
"Heck no! this is not enough!"He tried to stop her with his big hands and of course he won.
"Tsk,you think it's over?"Jong kook felt a chill down his spine,this girl revenge has always been quite painful.Usually when Ji hyo has her hands tied up she use to bite really hard.He witnessed first hand many,time,such a scary ride.Shaking off his sad memories he decided it was the time to react.
"Don't think i will let you overpower me ji hyo ya!"
"Let me go!"Seeing the glint in her eyes,kim jong kook was certain,she will make him go back home with a new mark of her teeth if he don't stop her.
"I will stop you!"
"Take this!"Song ji hyo opened her small mouth in a metter of seconds and went close inesorably,where she want to bite it's always a mistery,so the only thing he tought about to do was,to push her against the wall instead.Pratically he made a few steps toward her and then spinned her around,this way their places where switched.With his two hands he held her two hands in his,not too strong but just enough to not let her move,tired from all the spun and things,kim jong kook leaned his head on her.Song ji hyo was taken by surprise and couldn't think anymore.
"PANT PANT PANT!"She was tired too,understanding that she unfotunately lost again to his brute force,she admitted her loss.
"aish...pant"She protested with a tired and small voice.Their fingers where intertwined,just like usual,they always hold hands this way.
"I didn't mean,that you are old,pant" His voice was gentle and fatigued,but it had an effect on her.
"Shut jong kook..pant"
"You are have always been beautiful.I never said otherwise."Jong kook waited for another angry answer,but there was no answer at all.
"Ji hyo ya-"Kim jong kook curious leaned his head a bit more low to meet her face and there he remained shocked.She was flushed red and,was pratically speachless.Their faces where so close they could feel each others breaths,not nowing when or how the felt growing even closer.No words.No bickering noise.Nothing.Just two beating hearts,that not one of the two could ear.Kim jong kook couldn't help but look at if he was hipnnotized,even tought he was a bit unhappy she wouldn't look at him.But just a few seconds and his wish was realized.Her eyes slowly locked with his.
{What is going on? did i end up like this?}Tought kim jong kook{She is ji hyo...just her.So why?}He could not make head or tail about this predictmament,it was way too unexpected.
{ should say...WHAT AM I DOING?!...why?why am i not giving his a kick in his joints?No...i shouldn't do that...this is just because i didn't think well...i tought wrong!It shouldn't have gone this way... but then why am i still here frozen in place,between the wall and him?At that point their phone stared to ring and they came back to reality.
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