strange emotions

It's you or me
KIm jong kook quickly let her go,they both couldn't look at each other at all.Song ji hyo settled her clother and hair,cough a bit and quickly took her phone from her pocket.Kim jong kook take a look at her only once before turning around to make a few steps away from her and answering his own phone.
"yobuseyo?"She answered a bit hesitant.
"Noona!Where are you? Have you left already?"Taking the opportunity he gave her,Song ji hyo played along and acted like she already left.
"O crae,i have already left the set, why?"
"O really?Arasso."His voice was disappointed after she told him,that she was no longer near the set.But when she tought she won,Kwang soo had his way to prevent her happiness.
"O by the way,where is kim jong kook?"Her heart skipped a bit right there,song ji hyo tried to stay calm.
"O i have no idea,i did not see him.Wae?"
"O really?I asked because you two where bickering and running all over,so i tought you two where together"
"Well you are wrong.I am already in the car-"Right then kwang soo hear his voice.
"Crae,i am sorry,hyung i-"Just that bit of voice and Song ji hyo wanted to strangle kim jong kook on the spot.
"C-crae?"She was on a thin rope,she almost sweated hard,how could she answer to him?DId he heard?It's impossible that he didn't hear kim jong kook voice"Why are you lying?"
"O-O!Young man i am not lying!"She said in her imposing manner,but Kwang soo could not care less.
"Look at this girl.I heard him clearly,he was right next to you right?"She turned around and instantly answered.
"ANYO!"She looked at kim jong kook and made some gesture he had no idea of what it meant so she gave up and just walked away from him in desperation.
"Crae,do you think i am an idiot?I heard his voice,o wait...thinking about it"She gulped.
"You said you already left and he is with i guess...omo!"
"ANYO!"Kwang soo laughed a bit and made her get goosebumps all over,it was too late to even explain anything.
"YA! It's no use if you scream,what where you two doing hu?are you two making some new game between you two ony?"
"Any..."She walked from right to left going trough her hair with her fingers, in desperation.
"It's not what you think,ok?"
"Then do you admit that you are with him?"
"Crae,but,listen it's just that we where pratically killing each other arasso?But you would not belive me at all."
"Don't justify yourself,you two just do whatever you want without telling me aigo...ahahahahahahah"Pissed she close the call just like that.
"ARGGGGGG"...She turn around and stopthen sending a dead glared toward her enemy she start to move with great speed where Kim jong kook is.
"Ya...really hyung-"
"HYUNG!KIM JONG KOOK IS WITH NOONA!DON'T LISTEN TO HIM,IT'S A LIE!HE IS A LIAR!"Confused and panicked kim jong kook yelled on the phone.
"Ya!What the hell are you talking about?Are you crazy?"He shouted at the phone.
"Omo,what?Then...ya,are you with song ji hyo?ahahahahahaha,no work,just a love in live on tv!ahahahahah"
"Shhh,hyung kookie...i suggest you to look out for ji hyo,maybe she is behond with rage because you made us find you two out"He whispered with an accent of a laugh in it. While jae who understood everything already helped kwang soo in the teasing mission for kim jong kook.
Either way kim jong kook,looked around as if it was an instinct and he was terrified.Mouth wide open while the inevitable end of his sanity for the day is coming to a close end.
Slowly he put his phone to his ear one last time...with a weak voice he speak these few but threatening words.
"Don't tell this to a soul...or i am gonna crush your head on a wall then strip you and hung your body in the middle of the the mean time,think of a way to lessen your punishment kwangs"Then he closed the call and quickly putting it in the pocket of his pants.
"Kim jong kook!"
"Ji hyo ya"Her steps becomes more and more fast by the minute till finally punishment strike.Song ji hyo raise her two hands to his head and grab his hair so hard that jong kook felt like they would fall down and never grow back.
"JI HYO YA!STOP IT!"Shaking his head from a side to another,jong kook take her wrist to stop her but she was holding so tight that he dared not to make any harsh movement.
"YA! MY HAIR!"Fortunately song ji hyo was a good girl so she let his hair go and just fell down on the ground.
"...booo,what do i do now?"She ruffle her hair to show her distress,while jong kook hold his poor, and pained head.
"Ayo!My poor head...ya...did you pull any hair?Do i still have any?"He talked as if he just came out of a battle who let him out of concentration?
"I didn't pull any hair...i think...but maybe i should pull some out of you right now"She was about to get up and jong kook feeling the danger,threatened.
"If you don't stop i am seriously gonna tie you up so you could not move!"Those words frooze her in place.Song ji hyo has no intention of finding herself in another situation like before...there is no way.
"Why are you red?"He suddenly asked.Those words made her come back into reality,song ji hyo wanted to just shout to his face that it was all his fault in the first place,that if it wasn't for the fact that he blocked her to the wall,then they would not be in such a a metter of seconds,her breathing became more fast and her heart went skipping a bit every time she tought of him and his touch.
"Ciakkaman"Not wanting to remember any of this anymore she slowly get up,with a blank expression.
"J-ji hyo ya?"Kim jong kook felt at a loss of words,this time he really tought she was out of her a cute way...with her blanck expression.
"Ciakkaman"She decided not to look at him at all,she seemed like she wanted to avoid him at all costs.
"Don't talk to me now...oppa...let's say we are even...our battle is won by me...but i am wounded...i am i won,i won"Blabbering things like this while leaving to get into her own car made kim jong kook laugh,he watched as she walked away in such a dramatic state.
"How cute"Than he shaked his head.
"Damn it"
"What is going on?"
"I am tired of leaving"Song ji hyo finished the filming of the drama she was in a few weeks prior to this day,but she was still busy working in another show.There she got a really good friendship with three other girls,but most of all she got to know a really happy and reliable unni,Jang Yoon-ju.After she went outside the running man set, she called her unnie,to come for a her house.But when Jang Yoon-ju finally was there.Song ji hyo welcomed her unnie with a blank expression that occasionally transformed into depression,crazyness,sudden laugh and then...she turned into a ball,in the corner of her room.The poor woman who was assisting at everything just after she opened the door, felt an head ache coming but then the urge to laugh was way too strong and she did laugh to no end,because she was way too funny and cute.
"Ji hyo ya,what is wrong? You cute creature!" Jang Yoon-ju,smiled and walked to where the ball song ji hyo was sitting.She sat down next to her and gave her a small push to her shoulder to get her attention,it worked,because song ji hyo looked her way.
" are here"
"Woa,you are really too much.Of course i am here you called me,i came,you opened the door and here i am."
"O crae.I called you.Crae...biane"
"What are you doing down here?"Song ji hyo watched her unnie like a ruffled and a blank puppy,needless to say that it was quite a sight.Laughing she ugged her and shaked her.
"Ayo! our little blank puppy!"Her show of affection melted her and made her smile,she hugged her unnie too and finally smiled.
"O crae,tell me little puppy.What is it?"
"You know lately it's been so hard! running man became such a hard job! for so many reasons...Sigh"
"What do you mean?"Asked Jang Yoon-ju.Song ji hyo looked at her and became a bit sad...then changed to a face full of esitation and then blank mon ji came back again.
"Ya...ji hyo ya!"Another round of pushes and hugs here and there,this unnie has her own funny way to make her come back to reality,she knows that she is not so good in this because she get shy easly but this unnie use it at her own benefit,like right now.
"Finally back..such a hard one you are ahahhaah.So spill the bun.What is going on?Stop becoming my blank mon ji.It's not that i don't like it,but i would like to speak to my adorable ji hyo ya."
"Good girl.Start now"
"Well,you know lately me and kim jong kook got many too many couple games"
"So what?I tought you like to be around him?"
"Crae!,you two always sit or stand beside each other.It's cute to see,in truth i really would like to see the two of you as a couple"
"Unnie! You are a bsolutely wrong"
"Really?Wae?You don't like him?"
"Really?O f course i don't"
"Omo,then you hate him?!"She seemed like a gossip jpurnalist at his first scoop of the month,ji hyo quickly denied it."I don't hate him,really!I don't!I LIKE HIM!"
" like him?"She smirked and went closer to her face with a charming and knowing smile,song ji hyo replayed her words,she then realized the big mistake she made.
"What i mean is that i like him ans a dear friend,nothing more.Now people want us to have some kind of a story line"
"It's nothing new right? There was always something like that.As i said before i am also a fan of your love line with him so what?"
"But the problem is that i really can't go on like this,they want us to make a love game together every week,does it make sense to you?"
"Ji yo ya,you never where against this before so why now you are so against this?"Ji hyo felt a bit hopless and in a difficult position.Why?She never really cared before right?So why now she is so against people linking the two of them together?
"It's because i feel not happy that people can see"She said with a bit of uncertainty.Jang yoon ju get up
"Do you want some beer?"
"I don't have any at the moment"
"...But i do"Smiled cheekly Jang yoon ju,the she take some beers from the bag that she brought.
"Omo,where did that bag come from?!"
"You where face down of course you did not see it when i arrived.O well who!Take as many as you want!"
"Then i won't be polite...just for tonight"They both open a bottle of beer each and start to drink.
"Back to the topic,what is it that you can't let people see?"
"...Me and him...we...i hate people say that we are not good together"She drink another sip and when Jang yoon ju heard her words she stopped drinking.
"...You know what your words seem to me?"She looked right into ji hyo eyes.
"As if you hate people to find out your relationship with him"
"But there is ntohing!"
"That's what you are saying to me dear ji hyo ya"She drink nonchalantly another big mouthfull of beer.
"Onnie.i am not like that!"
"This unnie will find this out when you get really drunk ji yo ya"
"Then calm down.You are not someone who usually cares about people opinion right?"
"But i the end,who is it that doesn't care most off if it involves someone important to us"Ji hyo drink another mouthfull of beer and then another and another,after wiping her red lips she is now a bit red in the face.
"I,care about him...i whooooooole lot!But it's all so complicate at our age,after so much find myself so stupid to have kissed him right before the whole nation for a supid faced with the impending new kind of love games we will have to face and the new will he react>"
"How will kim jong kook feel about it?Does he hate being linked to such a point to me now?I am sure he have someone else and we are ruining anything...hic"
"AHAHAHAH,ya,so you are worried he will not like for the teo of you to stay so close in every episode?YOu are wrong dear,i can say it well that even as an outsider,he down;t hate it"Song ji hyo smirked weakly and then take a sip of the beer.
"You just don't know how much of a private person he is.Being linked to me for much isn't something to be happy about"Her unnie way=tched her for a long time.
"Little you like kim jong kook?"
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