First battle

It's you or me
It's already been years,that i am in the same crazy ship with these mad people here.
"Guys!We need to have Jong kook in our team or else we are doomed"
"Yoo jae seok i heard you"
"I said it out loud so you could ear me"Said smiling yu jae seok.It's another day for us and the running man team.Today the mission is all about being strong phisically,well maybe not everything but the most is surely for that.And i am indeed the one with the most endurance,the rest is up to the other.NOw if they want to win they need my help,so right about now they are discussing how to make me join their own team,for instance,our grossopher is the first to try.
"Dear,jong kook sshi,if me and you will make a beautiful couple,i swear,we can split the price in half!what do you think?"I laugh.
"Ya,why should i split it out with you if i can get it as a whole"
"No!You can't there is no way for you to win alone,you need some"
"Then why should i choose you?You are unlucky to begin with" Yu jae seok laugh as he usually does when i cut right to the painful point.
"Ya,i am lucky!...just not every time"
"See,i told you so"After what i said,he was ready to counter attack,so he sould convince me,but right at that moment comes the other one.
"No!Young!You should come with me!We can win for sure!"This damn brat,so pompous of him.
""I run toward him and feeling my warth Kwang soo make a defensive position and run.
"Yhung!Why are you doing this?You are scaring me!"
"How can you even ask me to joing you!"
"I am lucky,i won the other time!"
"That was surely not thanks to you,but to song jo hyo!Also did you forget what you did to me the last time?"
"NOOO!"I captured him and jokingly hit him on the head.
Everyone came to ask me for it,but i only wanted to win anyway and also even if i would have said yes,i would end up betraying them all,that's my secret mission...well tought the truth is there is someone i would like to play couple with today is only one person...but that person,only that person didn't come to record the episode.
"Where is song ji hyo?"I asked puzzled?At that time ahah answered.
"She will come a bit later,because she have to record an episode of the drama she is in"
"I see"
"OOOOO,hyung!Are you sad?Aigo!"Said that big mouth of Kwang soo but he wasn't the only one to tease me.
"Omo chincia!Uri sparta is sad because his lover isn't here!"Completed suk jin.
"Ya!,shut the hell up everyone!"
"Omo!Hyung!Don't worry if you stay with me i will not let you feel the loss"Said se chan and at the end she is the top to it all.She run to me and cling to my arm showing her cutness to me.
"Oppa!I am here,i am better than eonni so just come to me to play this game.And either way i am sure she will choose Ahah oppa"That's also true.Lately me and her are a bit closer that we where,but i don't know why Song ji hyo doesn't choose me anymore,but instead she goes back right to Hahah,instead.I was laughing and telling so min that i won't since she is as much a betrayer as everyone else,her tactics won't work with me.
"Stop thinking of eonni,she is not here so partner up with me.You never care anyway"What does she mean?I don't care?I never cared?! Just as i was about to answer i feel someone's arm resting confortably on my shoulder,soon after a voice i know too well.
"Your eonnie is here"
"O! EONNIE!"Surprised i turn my head and her pretty and small face was right beside mine.It came as a big surprise,i was startled,most pf all by that dazzling smile and those pretty lips that where quite tempting.I tried to act as i usually do with her.
"O,you came?"I said smiling,but she only looked at me with that expression on her face,with half a smile.I wonder is she still mad?
"I am sorry Ji hyo ya"
"Tsk,oppa,i didn't think you where like this.It seems like i didn't know you at all."She said, not accepting the situation,Kim jong kook have a regretful expression on his face instead.
"I am sorry...i really am.I will make it up to you,belive me"He affirmed showing his sincerity as he walked close and closer to her.But Ji hyo didn't buy it.
"Do you think i belive you?There will never be a day like that,you will betray me again"She step back never leaving his glance,she tried to keep a distance as much as she could but then she was trapped to a wall.
"I won't belive me"
"Damn it"She swear.While Kim jong kook hug her.entrapping Song ji hyo with his muscular arms.She struggled.
"Let go!,i said to let me go!"
"Bian,Ji hyo ya!"
"SONG JI HYO OUT" Kim jong kook quickly let her go with her name tag in his hands,smiling for his victory while she point her finger towards him.
"YA! OPPA!YOU CHEATER!"She start to run to grab him but the man of the stuff block her since she is out.
"Nol!Wait until later!I will teach you a lesson"
"AHAHAH,sorry Ji hyo ya"Then he leave her behind.
Nest time i will be the one to betray you oppa! she smirked.
She let put down her arm and i look as she wasl in front of me and look both to me ans so min,then she cross her arms.
"Go ahead so min ssi,take him as much as you want"So min smile and start to jump from happiness.
"YAY!CRAE oppa!see?now it's all ok"
"No...wait,ji hyo ya...are you still angry?"She smile with a devilsh smile.
"O no...why should i? I am perfectly fine"She smirk "I am way stronger than you think i am.I don't need your help oppa!"She smile again and then leave to where ahah is.Everyone laugh and Lee kwang soo decide to switch sides and pleas for her instead,to wich she tell him a big fat"biane,ahah is my couple partner forever"and then she look at me.
"Now everyone,one the games will be the papero game"
"A wae?chincia?"All of us screamed at the same time.
"Ok! Than how will we do the papero game?"Asked jae seok,that's a legible question.Because we did the papero game with all sort of food,even with ice! It was so horrifying and painful! My teeth started to ache non stop,even so the most regrettable thing was that i was with jong kook oppa,and i couldn't stop from feeling embarrassed,so i dared not to look him in the eyes most of all,the ice stick broke,so we couldn't even playing it till the will do the papero with haha oppa?...i feel unsettled...but suddenly the PD made a revelation to all of us.
"Your partner will be switched"
"WAE!"Asked se chan who was with Kim jong kook oppa.
"YAY!"Screamed jae seok,happy for the change to leave his partner ji suk jin.
"I am not happy either with you!"
"O,hyung!I have to win...biane!"He walk closer to the PD and ask.
"Who is going to be?Some guests?"
"look behind you guys?"All of us turn around.I still am curious to find out to whom i will be paired up with,then i undrstood that it was all up to fate.
"What's that?"Asked Kim jong kook oppa.There we see a round and white table,on top of it there is a big bowl with the running man sign on it.
"Go there and take the running ball inside.The name on the ball you choose will be your partner for the papero game."After the announcment,waiting for a guest to be our paired partner,we all head there full of hope and smiles but...
"Boya?"I didn't expect this...
"You"We both said at the same time.
"OMO!,what is this change of turns?Are they partnering up?the strongest people in our team?"
"Hyung!You will do the papero with ji hyo noona!"He smirk"Are you prepared?"
"I am gonna kill you kiddo!"He was about to get ride of Lee kwang soo with one slap but everyone laughed and where making fun of us.As usual i used my acting to hide my feelings and just made it so that it seemed as if i just wanted to win the game quickly.
"A stop it you all."
"Omo,wae? Song ji hyo sshi,are you feeling so happy that you have the chance to kis-"
"Think well about your next words jae suk sshi,i know many secret about you,should i tell a few to my noona?"
"E?"Jae suk made a step back and after a few seconds he awkawardly laughed" really are too much..."He point a finger at me.
"You just-"Song ji hyo smile and then go again"Oppa...shut your mouth"I open and close my two fingers,signaling for him to shut up or else it's gonna be his loss ahahah...but here we go again.
"Ya! Hyung what secret are you hiding from noona?!"Everyone went on a spring and happy theories of what his secrets would be,they laughed and pointed finger at him.
"Ya! That's not right! i have no secret really!"Then finally se chan goes to look at me.
"Everyone,this is her plot!"The members look my way,it's amazing how they switch the target so easily,but well i got caught by little se chan.
"What plot?"
"Crae!That's what i wanted to say! You are trying to sway our attention,to someone else...look at jong kook ssi!"This time his finger point towards oppa jong kook and of course the other of the group follow suit,but jong kook oppa...i wonder what will his reaction be.
"He is not saying anything...Yorobun!"He look at the camera and spread his arms"This officially nervous because of ji hyo ssi!"
" you want to die?"Jong kook goes on rampage and treaten jae seok oppa with a well made slap on the head.
"Ya!I am your senior here!"Then slowly jong kook oppa,says.
"Then what?Did you forget who i am?"Before his threatening aura,jae suk oppa gulp and whisper.
"Calm down...i was wrong"
"YA! HYUNG! YOU ARE A LOOSER!"Ais kwang soo but oppa looked at him suddenly and kwang soo,became a little puppy,apologizing for a few times.
"Ok's time! Bring in the candy stick!"An assistant bring a plate full of candies.
"Now prepare yourself"
"Omo.i am nervous for you guys"Said Lee kwang soo while so min screamed in's i really doing the papero game with him? it's ok,calm down,since i need to win.
"Ok...wich one should we choose?...Oppa,we have to win arasso?"Then he nodded.
"Fine.But i am gonna do it better not slack off"What do you want to slack off here for?!We only need to eat a ing candy! I am really nervous,but i won't show it,so i act cool and accept the challenge as if it was nothing.
"Crae,ya,you better not play any trick,i am sure you will loos on purpose and not go to the end"
"What?!Tsk,i will win...i need to win no matter what.You better not loose on purpose"
"I won't!"
"Tsk...fine,then don't get away till the end!"As i was about to answer,The member made a group,all reuniter in a close spot.
"Pratically they are saying in their own language,let's kiss"Kwang soo said those few words and my face almost burned up.
"Will i look my entire fortune?!"Said suk jin oppa.
"Ahahahahaha!"Then it was finally time.
"Ok,the candy stick is here guys"
"Did you choose it? well?"
"I did,let's go with this ji hyo"Jong kook oppa went with the shortest one,for instance i felt my hear going a bit too wild,i mean is he seious?"
"Crae!,let's save on the time"Then we both take each end of the candy with our mouths.
"Ready?...start!"The both of us went on a rampage,eating the stick very quickly but as i was about to come closer to the other end his mouth was right there,i slowed down a bit while he came closer...gosh does he want to win so much?!...fine! I am not gonna loose this time! AHAHAHAHAH,HERE I COME!
"Omo!...Song ji hyo slowed down a bit before but now she is eating the candy faster than before!"
"OMO!the candy is almost finished! eonnie!"I said it i am not gonna loose!
"Omona!hyung! so close!"Our lips are really too close but i am gonna win this time!
There is only a small piece of candy,at this point usually we should just stop the game,i mean it's already short enough,'s not i go a bit closer and jong kook did stop either,tought i could see him a bit more hesitant than before finally,it's by turn!...well the problem is...that we miscalculated the time and we almost ate all the candy,litteraly,reaulting in our lips to unavoidably touch one another,gosh,this must really seem like a kiss,since is this game at some point we need to touch each other so to have a better grasp of the candy,but i went to a new scale and instead grabbed his face,while he was holding my arms,that's why they all screamed.
"GASP!YA!"I was looking at him and kim jong kook was doing the same but then we quickly pulled back he was the one to get the the piece of candy from his mouth.
"YA! really kissed each other!"
"Ya! ji hyo kissed him"I am going on fire!...but i tried to act cool.
"Ya,i am an actress...that was acting for an actual purpose,you already played to this game,you know how it goes!"I protest to their accusations,but on the other hand jong kook wasn't having it any better with jae seok oppa.
"Ya! How should i mesure this?!"He looked at jong kook oppa and then at me,after that he asked again to the pd.
"How do i mesure this?...they prtically won."
"See?I told you i would not back up!"I said,attacking Kim jong kook oppa.
"Ya,you are colpletly red"Look at that fish!
"Ya!What about you then? look there at your face,you are red till your ears!"
"Ya little...come here"
"Gosh now they are bickering too?About who is redder? PD nim,they are dating"
"Ya! What dating!I told you already that i wasn't going to back down,you where going to loose this time"
"Ya...are you still mad about the other time?"
"No,why would i?"
"Wait...are you telling me..."
"Crae,she kissed him for revenge!"
",you came to that extent for revenge?
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