One Big Happy EXO Family?

Xi Luhan/ Kim-Xi Minseok and Little Xi Sehun (August 12)

Wu Yifan/ Kim- Wu Joonmyeon and Little Wu Zitao (May 2)

Zhang Yixing/ Kim-Zhang Jongdae with Little Zhang Jongin (July 14)

Park Chanyeol/ Byun-Park Baekhyun with Little Park Kyungsoo (January 12)


Kim Youngbae/Kwon-Kim Jiyong

Xi Henry/Kim-Xi Ryeowook

Wu Kyuhyun/Zho-Wu ZhouMi

Kim Jonghyun/ Kim Kibum

Zhang Siwon/ Han-Zhang HanGeng

Byun Donghae/ Lee-Byun Hyukjae

Kim Minho/Lee-Kim Taemin

Park Yunho/Kim-Park Jaejoong


Lee Jinki

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Hey hey. I added another rule to the S-O-U chapter.


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Chapter 18: Red velvet Without suho is something like salt and pepper xd
Chapter 18: Omg it's too good!! What surprised me the most was what Zitao got from Junmyeon and lol that was his love for Red Velvet, and that it was Yifan who realised it!

I've 2 more ideas for bonus chapters is it okay if I share them with you? *-*
Chapter 17: LMFAOOO I'm sure Yifan and Chanyeol had a massive panic attack and almost killed Sehun and Jongin xD
linajina #4
Chapter 12: Tao = Terrible Tantrum
Sehun = Sassy Stubborn
Omg ..... it suits their personalities.
Love the story.
Tipti_2000 #5
Chapter 11: Pls continue it's so cute
Belinda89 #6
pls continue asap
Belinda89 #7
omg omg omg i love this already!
Chapter 5: Hahahaha. I love this story
rjsurhat1 #9
Chapter 3: Omg this is for 1st time i read Zhoumi being mama not baba, and henry being baba...