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Okay, so I have a genuine question regarding making posters. Do you guys like and are you actually fine with simple posters with just faces in them like Lucky One and The Devil's Wife?

Now I know that's all a question of personal preference but for me personally, I would rather make a simple poster that tries to match the general vibe of the story and looks nice than make a super cramped one trying to have all elements of the story and then not look nice. I don't know if it comes across like that but I do genuinely try to add elements of the story in the poster itself tho sometimes, depending on the photos I choose or the layout, I'm not left with a lot of possibilities. I hope that change was noticeable from the previous posters I made where I was mostly going for them to look cool and aesthetic and whatnot.

Sorry for kinda rambling but I wanted some feedback from you guys just to see what authors are looking for in general :)


P.S: I most of the time am not happy with a lot of posters I make so if you secretly dislike or hate some of them, know that there's a huge chance I agree with you but I wasn't able to come up with anything better.

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